Supernatural 4×20: The Rapture – A Not so Wonderful Life

Castiel appears to Dean in a dream, telling him to meet him somewhere so he can tell him something very important.

He and Sam head to some warehouse that appears to have been the site of an “angel battle royale” as Sam puts it. They find Castiel on the ground, but he says he isn’t Castiel. He’s Jimmy.

Sam and Dean take him to their motel and Jimmy explains to them that Castiel’s gone and he just wants to go home to his family. He barely has any memory of his time being Castiel’s vessel, so he is of no use to the brothers.

Sam thinks otherwise. Maybe Bobby can jog his memory or something, but more importantly, the demons will want to get information on Jimmy as well. Sam and Dean eventually agree it is best for Jimmy to stick with them.

Its 4am and Sam sneaks out to get his fix of demon blood. He seems to be running low and Ruby doesn’t appear to be responding to his calls very quickly. He pours a couple of drops on his palm and slurps that up.

Meanwhile, Castiel Jimmy sees the opportunity to escape with Sam out of the room and Dean sleeping. The brothers realize he’s gone and they go after him. One the way, Anna scares the s—t out of them when she pops into the back seat. She tells them whatever Castiel wanted to tell Dean was probably very important, which prompted the battle that resulted in Castiel being taken back to Heaven.

Jimmy arrives at his doorstep and sees his wife Amelia and daughter Claire through the window. He flashbacks to his life before Castiel. A religious family, praying grace before meals. He begins hearing the angels (or namely Castiel) through the television and the radio, shocking his wife when she sees him with his arm in boiling water. He tells her it’s okay, it was a test of his trust in Castiel. His wife thinks he’s crazy and gives him an ultimatum to get help.

Instead, Jimmy dresses in his now familiar suit and brown coat and walks outside, calling out to Castiel that he was ready to do what he wanted. A bright light comes and Castiel seemingly enters Jimmy’s body. Claire walks outside, calls her father, but he responds “I’m not your father” and walks away.

Back to the present, Jimmy knocks on the door to his wife’s shock, who isn’t ready or willing to accept Jimmy back into their lives so easily. Jimmy chooses not to tell her the truth and she resolves to give it some time.

They start to have a little dinner, Jimmy ready to dig in when his daughter asks aren’t they going to pray first? He tells her no and starts to cry. Someone at the door, and it is their neighbor, apparently Jimmy’s old friend.

They start to catch up, but the guy reveals his demon eyes and Jimmy’s first instinct is to use the metal candlestick to the head trick.

Amelia is stunned, but the suddenly they see the guy ready to cut their daughter’s throat. The guy’s wife comes in and she sees the demon eyes for herself as her husband gets jumped on. Amelia then jumps on the wife but the bros arrive just in time.

The demons escape and Sam almost faints when trying to dispatch the demon of the wife with his lack of Ruby juice.

The five of them take off, and Jimmy is finally convinced that it is best if he stays away from his family, otherwise they’ll always be in danger.

He says goodbye, leaving them with a car, but it isn’t going to be that easy. Amelia is possessed and smacks the little girl after the boys drive off.

They get a call and head to a warehouse. Jimmy goes in alone while the bros sneak in behind. Dean says he has a plan, but it is major fail when they all get captured and dragged inside.

Jimmy pleads with the demon in Amelia to let his family go, but instead she says she’s lucky she gets the chance to kill not just a plain ol’ vessel, but also the famous brothers.

She shoots Jimmy in the stomach and orders a big guy to “waste” Claire. He is about to knock the crap out of her when she holds up her hand and dispatches the demon away.

Castiel’s in Claire and he proceeds to get rid of the rest of ‘em.

Sam takes back Ruby’s knife and cuts a little bit of another possessed woman’s neck and begins to take care of his craving with Dean looking on in subdued shock.

He comes up for air with blood smeared all over his mouth and he then proceeds to take care of the demon.

Meanwhile, Castiel in Claire tells Jimmy it’s time for him to go home, his real home in Heaven we are to assume, leaving Castiel to now use his daughter as a vessel. But Jimmy pleads to be the one instead. He just wants his family safe.

Castiel gives him his wish and he transfers over. Jimmy’s wound is healed and now filled again with Castiel gets up and begins to leave. Amelia goes to her daughter, and both watch their husband and father leave once again.

Before he goes, Dean asks Castiel what it was he wanted to tell him. Castiel coldly tells Dean that in his time away, he’s realized his loyalty is to Heaven, not to humans and definitely not to Dean.

He walks away.

Back on the road again, the awkward silence is too much for Sam to take and asks Dean if he could explain himself. Dean says he doesn’t have to. He’s disappointed yeah, but he’s tired. He’s over all of it now.

Just then, Bobby calls and as Bobby does he tells Sam…
“You and your brother better shag ass to my place, ASAP.”
“What’s going on?”
“The apocalypse, genius. Now get your asses over here.”

(I prefer when Bobby calls them “ijits”)

The three of them head down to the panic room and Sam walks in first, asking what this big demon problem is he called them about. “You are,” Bobby replies and he and Dean lock him in. “This is for your own good.”


Right after they lock Sammy in, we get a “Then” “Now” “Soon” preview on what’s to come in the next TWO episodes, the final ones of the season.

Zachariah is shown saying only one seal remains.

This is it folks!

This episode, though a Castiel/Jimmy Novak-centered episode, again helped to highlight that this battle will take no prisoners. This isn’t just fun and games for either side, and definitely not for the bros.

The final two episodes will definitely be something to behold, I’m sure.

And as for this episode, much kudos to Misha Collins for his performance. You could totally see the difference between Castiel and Jimmy and much credit to how Misha played both characters to see that complete opposite of demeanor each had.

Oh, and Claire as Castiel. Kids on Supernatural are more times than not pretty awesome, like the little girl who owned the suicidal teddy bear in 4×08: Wishing Well and of course silly little Lilith. But when kids kick ass? That’s always a win!

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