What a dumb bitch, seriously. American Dreams, The Office, Lost, Alias, American Idol

OMG… If that was the series finale (and I pray to God that it wasn’t)… then American Dreams ended in the worst possible way… Even as a season finale (and it wasn’t even that, since this episode was supposed to lead into a two-part season finale, but NBC cut the episode order to 17)…

Was that supposed to be romantic? Umm… no…
Meg is so stupid… what a dumb bitch, seriously… I can’t believe she chose some piece of crap over her own family and friends… how can she justify what she did? He lied to her, he’s a drunk crackhead smoker, he is a murderer, a draft dodger… overall just a jackass…

The only other real story in tonight’s episode… JJ and NASA and Beth… that was heartbreaking, but understandable… now THAT was understable unlike Miss “I want to run away with my lover”… Ugh…

I think the NEED to resolve these stories is reason enough for NBC to renew the show… (in addition to the fact that AD is one of the few actual quality, critically acclaimed shows on NBC, NBC is a complete mess and AD’s timeslot is one less to deal with if it is renewed)

This show is freakin’ hilarious… they began the original American scripts last night and it was so funny… I love this show… one of my new favorites…

Wow… what a great episode… very eerie again… Terry O’Quinn (Locke) is an amazing actor… definitely deserving of an Emmy nomination… His backstory (part 2) was so sad… How about Bloody Boone… I think Ian Somerhalder has been seriously underused, same with Maggie Grace (Shannon)… There are episodes when they aren’t even in one scene…

Anyway, that airplane has to mean something, I mean the Virgin Mary statues (minus the crack) and then Locke’s mother saying he was “immaculately conceived”… I wonder who’s going to die at the end of the season…

FINALLY… an episode of season 4 that I liked… maybe because I actually watched the whole episode, or maybe becuase Marshall was the main focus… he is hilarious and how cool was it to have him back in the field… I remember the last time he and Sydney were in the field and he had taken a drug himself and he was all woosey and out of it and Syd snapped him out of it once she kissed him and he then was working at super speed after that… lol… Syd’s kisses are adrenaline boosters… lol… but this is a great episode, still I’m still missing the old ALIAS

However, this dialogue between Jack & Marshall was so random, but hilarious:
Jack: “You’re going to need a digging instrument to assist with this.”
Marshall: (searching through the dead guy’s desk) “Uh, I got a spork!”
Jack: “What’s a spork?”
Marshall: “It’s like a half-spoon, half-fork. Will that do?”
Jack: “That will work.”

Ewe… I thought we were rid of Anwar… I liked Jessica, she was very good… but whatever… Idol’s sucked since season 2…


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