Recap: The Amazing Race 7, Episode 5 – “I’ve been wanting a facelift for a long time.”


Okay… lots to talk about… first of all… Meredith & Gretchen are FREAKIN’ AWESOME… they came back from THE CRUELEST twist yet on THE AMAZING RACE and managed to stay in the RACE with absolutely nothing but their passports… Gretchen is amazing for continuing after that fall, that was freakin’ scary, I was getting chills when Meredith was calling for help… These two are now one of my favorite teams ever because they have overcome so much and are the oldest team to make it this far…

About that new non-elimination twist… I was pretty much in shock at first… I was expecting an extra hour at the pit stop or something, but they go and pull this… I actually thought Phil said that they had to take their clothes off too… but this is just too much… its overkill… And I just noticed today that they have HUGE backpacks this season… usually they just have North Face stuff and now they’re carrying a freakin’ tent everywhere…

Rob & Amber… just when I thought they were actually likable, they go and insult Meredith & Gretchen‘s integrity by saying that he pushed her intentionally, and he doesn’t even spare 50 cents… Later, he doesn’t even stick his head out the window to ask if the Brothers are okay after their car flips over… what the freakin’ hell?… FRACK YOU Rob you a$$hole… ugh, these two are just fame whores… plain and simple…

Now on to another a$$hole… Ray is the worst contestant ever in the history of the Race… he doesn’t help out Meredith & Gretchen and outright lies to them… he wants to put tacks on the road to make them have a flat… he probably wishes they were dead… he is even more degrading to Deana than Jonathan was to Victoria… he is just scum… they did not deserve those two cars… WHAT THE HELL??? CARS??? When did TAR start randomly giving out $50,000 and a new car??? They didn’t even give Lynn & Alex or Ron & Kelly a prize for being first…. FRACK YOU Ray you are an even bigger a$$hole

Brian & Greg… the second scary moment of the night, that was really scary… this was the most dangerous episode of the show ever… its great that their cameraman was okay… and it was even better that they beat the a$$hole and Deana

Happy that Ron & Kelly are first… they’re pretty cool… Uchenna & Joyce are okay too… but did I miss the part when they said they were having problems in their marriage? I thought that they just couldn’t have a baby?

It was nice to see them help a school… or Day Care since it said “Creche” on the sign… or orphanage, I don’t know, but it was still sweet…

So far this was the best episode of the season, but with all the coldness and unbelievable unlikability of many teams, its just impossible to fully enjoy this season… I really do not know what to think… is TAR going down the drain? Are they accelerating the show’s decline?

Please, please get Romber off the Race and maybe I’ll start to enjoy it…


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  1. wait.. u need to clarify .. on my xanga.. what happened to meredith and gretchen.. now im curious cuz i saw her face and deana’s face all cut up. .and they didnt have clothes or money.. WHAT HAPPENED?!?!

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