Battlestar Galactica

Just read an interview with Kristy of Lena & Kristy (who, if they had not run into such bad luck with hay would probably have been just at lovable as Kris & Jon) who said that the train arrived literally 30 seconds after F&K started running… so Kris & Jon still could’ve had a chance to catch up… STUPID TRAIN AND AMERICAN AIRLINES TICKET AGENT!!!!

Anyway… lol

It was an okay episode… Gaius is so weak… geez… Boomer/Sharon is greatting pretty annoying… and not just becuase she’s a cylon… and how about Chief and his crew… weird people… lol… President Laura Roslin wasn’t as badass this week… and I’m sure that if there ever were an overthrow of Roslin πŸ˜‰ her trusty assisstant Billy Keikeya will become President, or at least have a big part of the new administration

Ugh.. sat through SPD while eating breakfast and it just got worse from last week… they snuck in a sexual innuendo and gave off a 70s cheap cop show vibe… ewe… HOWEVER, there are rumors that there WILL be a DINOTHUNDER/SPD team-up… I can’t wait to see SPD get owned by DT πŸ™‚

<-lol… double that 8!

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