Battlestar Galactica

Just read an interview with Kristy of Lena & Kristy (who, if they had not run into such bad luck with hay would probably have been just at lovable as Kris & Jon) who said that the train arrived literally 30 seconds after F&K started running… so Kris & Jon still could’ve had a chance to catch up… STUPID TRAIN AND AMERICAN AIRLINES TICKET AGENT!!!!

Anyway… lol

It was an okay episode… Gaius is so weak… geez… Boomer/Sharon is greatting pretty annoying… and not just becuase she’s a cylon… and how about Chief and his crew… weird people… lol… President Laura Roslin wasn’t as badass this week… and I’m sure that if there ever were an overthrow of Roslin 😉 her trusty assisstant Billy Keikeya will become President, or at least have a big part of the new administration

Ugh.. sat through SPD while eating breakfast and it just got worse from last week… they snuck in a sexual innuendo and gave off a 70s cheap cop show vibe… ewe… HOWEVER, there are rumors that there WILL be a DINOTHUNDER/SPD team-up… I can’t wait to see SPD get owned by DT 🙂

<-lol… double that 8!

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