Pro Bowl 2005, Andy Roddick, Kelly Clarkson

The AFC is dominating the PRO BOWL right now… but to the best part of the game… the HALFTIME SHOW!

While Paul McCartney was okay… the PRO BOWL HALFTIME SHOW was a whole lot better, especially because JASMINE TRIAS performed … She did a great job… she sang well, and as usual, looked good doing it…

Andy Roddick won the SAP Open… 2 in a row… Even though I was a fan before, I like him more now since he’s started showing the at every match
Speaking of the TEXAS LONGHORNS, they finally won yesterday, beating Kansas State in OT… they need Boddicker, Mouton, and Ivey back, better yet how about Ford?… as least Buckman and Klotz are doing okay… darn Tucker…

KELLY CLARKSON was great last night on SNL… her blind homeless woman was hilarious… and of course she sounded and looked great… not too sure about the blonde though… now that’s what I call a LIVE performance…
Who’s performing at the Grammys tonight? I think I’ll only watch for John Mayer, Black Eyed Peas, Franz Ferdinand… and hopefully someone’ll get a big “NOOOOO”


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