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Wednesday TV..
So Claire has conveniently lost her memory about anything after the plane crash and Charlie shot and killed Ethan so we don’t know anything about what happened to Claire while she was kidnapped, why Ethan took her, or how the hell Ethan was on the island without being on the plane… Anyway… can’t wait for the Hurley focus ep… I wonder what happened to him before the crash

Its been a while since I actually watched an episode of this show, but I flipped over to it during a LOST commercial and was surprised to see The OC’s Chris Carmack on… and I have to say, he was pretty good… Smallville definitely has better material than his crappy OC dialogue… “Welcome to the OC… bitch!” anyway… I was also pretty surprised, Smallville looked and felt like a movie this week… very different from what I remembered the show to be…

I don’t know but I wasn’t in to watching either one this week… so I turned off and on the TV between these two… For Alias, all I saw was some European lady shooting herself in the head and then Sydney was in a hospital bed? Then on that crappy “singing” competition, I saw a bunch of whiny people and people who couldn’t sing…

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