American Dreams and more

Wow, I think tonight’s episode was the best AD episode ever. It would’ve been a perfect episode without all the “Roxanne and the Band” scenes, useless I thought. There could’ve been more of the scenes at home. Amazing, amazing acting all around. Emmy nomination for Gail O’Grady? Possible with her performances today. Even though you know JJ is still alive, it was still very, very sad seeing all their reactions. And how about Sam… when did he turn into such a spoiled brat? lol Chris is annoying, good thing he won’t be around long. Anyway, should be great next week…

Nothing much to say on THE APPRENTICE since I’m not rooting for anyone anymore… another great LOST this last week. THE OC was so boring… the only funny parts were Luke’s stupid jokes and Marissa’s yelling fit… those were hilarious… other than that, very boring, i switched over to watching the SURVIVORs throw water on each other…

Oh and you have to listen to Kelly Clarkson‘s new single “Since U Been Gone”… sounds Avril-ly but its all Kelly, you know, it has that Kelly-ness to it that makes it hers… and Westlife‘s “Allow Us to Be Frank” album is out everywhere else but the US on Monday, good songs of course “I Left My Heart in San Francisco,” “Moon River,” “Fly Me to The Moon,” “When I Fall in Love”… classic Rat Pack

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