Recap: Power Rangers DinoThunder, Episode 36 – A Test of Trust

Well after last week, this was a very disappointing episode. No wonder they had the reveals last week, they wanted a clip show. This episode would’ve been fine if PRDT didn’t have so many clip shows (“Legacy of Power,” “Lost and Found in Translation”) and filler eps (“Game On,” “Ocean Alert,” “In Your Dreams,” “Drawn into Danger”) already. The penultimate episode before the finale should’ve set up the finale. Instead its made stupid people actually think the finale’s gonna suck. I still think the finale will be amazing, especially after an amazing season (minus the few episodes of crap).

THE GOOD: (just a few)
#Conner, Kira, and Ethan’s flashbacks were good. They made me remember when before I watched the premiere thinking that this season was gonna suck. The premiere and the rest of the season definitely showed me otherwise. But the clips also showed me the huge potential that was just dropped for some reason (the writers were lazy)
#Mesogog ready to kill Elsa. Elsa was defenitely hurting. And then the separation; Mesogog seemed more psycho afterwards. I liked it, he needs to be incredibly evil in the finale like Master Org was in Wild Force. But the only reason they had the separation now was so that Trent wouldn’t have to fight his father. whatever…

#Triassic being defeated in his own dimension? and then falling into Japan? Sucks
#Tommy’s clips had a lot less meaning than the 3 main rangers. And Trent’s clips went on too long… They made it seem like it was okay to lie by redeeming Trent, though in no way was Trent redeemed today. He could’ve gone to them earlier and maybe they could’ve helped Mercer. But Trent being the hero of the day was just plain stupid. The character of Trent was definitely mishandled. They should’ve kept him evil longer, it would’ve made a much better story and opened up so much more potential.
#The Blizzard Force Megazord debuted… and then was destroyed. It was suppose to be a big weapon for the enemy, it was in Sentai Abaranger. Then didn’t even call it Blizzard Force… the Replicate Megazord? WTF?

Overall a big letdown. But the finale still looks amazing… it will be… MESOGOG HAS SADDAM’S WMDs! wow!

(out of 4)

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