Congrats President Bush!

I like to keep my mouth shut… but I would like to take the time to say that I am so happy and relieved that President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard B. Cheney have been re-elected to their respective offices. I am, and have been, confident in this administration’s goals. No matter how much people can spin the truth or spin lies, my personal and religious beliefs have been what’s made me be a Bush supporter from the beginning. I respect many things Sen. John Kerry has said, but then there are also many of his views and ideas I really don’t agree with or can relate to.

Many things about this campaign have… just completely pissed me off… the draft rumor… NEITHER candidate, nor would any sane person institute a draft. You would have to be either majorly focked up on crack or a complete dumbass because you would be comitting virtual suicide if you give the order to start passing out draft cards. ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.
The youth vote… I completely agree with Gallegos in that today’s youth is too stupid to think for themselves. SHEEP as he says, is what today’s youth is and I have to agree. We do what we’re told, we follow what the popular media and pop culture tells us to do. We FOLLOW. There have been many different “get out the vote” campaigns targeting young people. And some of those campaigns suspiciously… wait… not surprisingly lean towards one candidate. You watch these commercials and promos and you can see an obvious lean towards one particular candidate. I know for a fact that most of the 18-25 “youth vote” has no freakin clue about either Bush or Kerry stand for, other than the severely cut and edited facts they have been feeded. The only time when you really can see what either candidate stands for is during the debates, and I am sure the 18-25 year olds were listening closely. Gallegos hopes that in 4 years, there can be a 40%-50% turnout for the youth vote… fat chance of that happening… really doubtful in that. Unless there is some way for younger people to REALLY find out about the issues without hearing and seeing a death threat to go and vote, then that 17% is staying where it is, or at least close to where it is.

There is so much more, but I really don’t want to waste my time and your time if you’re actually reading this. I just needed to vent. John Kerry has been an admirable candidate, and a formidable opponent to George W. Bush. But a 3.5 million vote difference can’t change anything, no matter how many people cry recount, recall, impeachment, whatever the hell they can think of. I know the next 4 years will be tough, but I just hope everyone can put differences aside and freakin unite the UNITED States of America. Big dream… I know

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