Recap: Power Rangers DinoThunder, Episode 35 – House of Cards

Wow, what an amazing episode… definitely one of the best of the season… they’re getting back on track and of course they have to with only 3 more episodes as of today…

THE GOOD (well really, there wasn’t anything bad): -“Principal Randall” bitching at Ethan and Devin with the cards
#Awesome fight scenes, and UNMORPHED! It took almost a whole season to see Elsa AS Principal Randall fighthing, and Tommy too… and then the school bell rings?!?! woah… the entire school witnesses the battle and Trent begins digging his hole
#The scene before Tommy and Elsa’s fight: ELSA: “It’s a shame Tommy… we could’ve had something”
#ELSA: “Tell the school board, I resign”
#And after an intense scene, another unmorphed fight, now between Trent and Elsa… do I see a hint of evil Trent coming back?
#Straight to Super Dino Mode morph
#The Battlizer’s growing on me, its pretty cool
#And Trent digs his hole even bigger… I love that, can’t wait for the Rangers to turn on him -Wow, I have to think that that was the first American Z-Rex Blaster footage…
#And of course, the final scenes….  did not expect that!
Okay…first the card falling out of Mercer’s pocket… did Trent put it in there? after thinking about it, Elsa could’ve put it in there to “out” Mercer as Mesogog… but then Mesogog said Trent was going to pay for betraying him… well I think Trent has more things to worry about because Tommy was pissed and Conner looked like he was going to beat his ass… I’d say perfect time for Kira to cry on Conner’s shoulder
NEXT WEEK: Tommy asks Trent to surrender his morpher… HELL YEAH!

(out of 4)

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