American Dreams + Calculus Notes

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! and Happy Birthday Jerica!

Well… fun day in Benicia… but damn, there weren’t any trick or treaters at all at my cousins’ house… but there were hella people at Raley’s when we went to go buy some Starbucks… lol… so we had A LOT of candy left over… when we got home, some ppl left some crap in our driveway… geez… and it sucks that the PATRIOTS lost today… well its ok, they’ll still make it to the Super Bowl… it doesn’t look like the NINERS are going to win tonight, just a few more minutes left…

only got home in time to watch the last quarter of the episode, ill watch the whole episode tomorrow… i dont know what’s going on… lol… i guess JJ and his squad got captured? oh crap the Vietnamese just shot one of the Americans… and there they go, they escaped…wow… explosions… damn I love this show… AMAZING last scene

And I still can’t get over how good PRDT was yesterday… I have to sleep early tonight so I can get up early tomorrow so I can get to school in time to do my stupid English and stupid Calculus notes… ugh…

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