Recap: Power Rangers DinoThunder, Episode 12 – White Thunder (Part 2)

Aired Saturday, April 24, 2004

Another good episode, Conner and Kira ALONE!!
-Conner and Kira were along together in the abandoned warehouse.  And they seem to be getting along better than before they had that little outing as David and Victoria Beckham (without the other woman, lol)
-They skipped the pointless Ranger/Monster battle and FFed to the zord battle, which was actually better.
-Another new zord is ok, as long as Tom… I mean Dr. Oliver doesn’t get one.
-New opening was good, but too fast for the supporting characters
-Nice scenes with Mesagog, Elsa, and Zeltrax
-Katrina Devine actually looked pretty good today, though I still miss her with the darker hair  Oh and Emma Lahana always looks good

-Jeffrey Pazzaro is still not a good actor at all!
-Cassidy and Devin were useless in this episode, that whole white ranger video subplot had no place in the episode and that time could’ve been used for more focus on Conner, Kira, and Ethan. (see below for what I thought about that stupid kid)
-The White Ranger beat up on Conner and Kira, AGAIN… I hate that
-Another Dr. O/Zeltrax battle…

-WTF was up with that kid?  He sounded like a retarded 20 year old, and the scary thing is, that could’ve been his actual voice!  He’s a freakin’ voice actor specializing in American accents!! WTF?!?!?  It just made that subplot even worse. 

But next week, they find out Trent is the white ranger so we’ll see how that goes.

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