Altar Server Training

^^lol, Patrick was playing that yesterday while the new Altar Server trainees were “reflecting” on why they want to be an Altar Server.  Look for their responses, coming soon in the HOLY ANGELS CHURCH PARISH BULLETIN!

Altar Serving training went well… I sat with a group of 5 for almost an hour because Mrs. Powelson’s room is so secluded that I didn’t know what was going on in the library with Jessica or in the lab with Pat (also didn’t help that I didn’t have a schedule) But it was ok, those 5th graders wrote notes and left them in a desk, we talked about high schools and the 4th grade/5th grade rivalry, I think is being caused by one power couple?!?! I also told them stories about SAINTS ALIVE!  The best show on the Catholic Educational Network, or whatever that network was…  Hmm,… so I ended up “training” only 2 groups instead of 3 and the last group wasn’t as much fun as the first.

So I guess training continues Friday, I have to say I learned a few things I forgot since training.  I think when Fr. Manuel was telling everyone to arrive 15 minutes before mass and NOT right before it begins, he was specifically talking to me and Jessica  I guess I need to wake up earlier than 6:45… I think ALL Altar Servers should go on the picnic, and I mean ALL Altar Servers…

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