Recap: Power Rangers DinoThunder, Episode 11 – White Thunder, Part 1

Aired Saturday, April 17, 2004

This was an OK episode, definitely better than last week’s episode.  Not many good stand out parts of it, but not many bad parts either.
-Cassidy and Devin were not as annoying as usual.
-Tommy got shot down… lol… he deserves it
-Good scenes with Anton Mercer and Trent… but (see the BAD)
-Good scenes with Mesagog, Zeltrax and Elsa

-Jeffrey Parazzo (Trent) isn’t that great of an actor, his scenes with Anton would’ve been better if he was.  Also, he doesn’t do very good voice overs/dubbing in action sequences.
-Conner, Kira, and Ethan in the background again… Its like “what’s the use of having the three Dino Rangers in the first place if they’re never on???”
-Trent doesn’t remember being evil, or being a Power Ranger at all… would’ve been better if he developed into an evil character instead of just a “mind-control” thing where you know he’ll eventually turn “good” …  Doug Sloan, DAYS already has Stefano, you don’t need to make Mesagog into a children’s version of the Pheonix

Overall, good episode, but it does set up the next two parts of the three part “saga.”
I’m excited about EPISODE 12-14: TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES… maybe Kira will realize Conner is the guy for her…lolololol

>>Why don’t I write a few facts about POWER RANGERS you might not have known…
-POWER RANGERS is based on the Japanese SENTAI series which has been on the air for a few decades.  Each year, the producers of POWER RANGERS adapt the previous year’s SENTAI for audiences in the United States and other countries around the world (the UK being one).  For example  POWER RANGERS: DINOTHUNDER is based on the SENTAI ABARANGER, PR: WILD FORCE was based on GAORANGER, PR: NINJA STORM was based on HURRICANGER, and so on…  Most of the scripts stay the same.
-But there have been times when the Japanese Sentai was too intense for young American audiences.  In PR: LOST GALAXY, the villainess Trakeena’s Sentai counterpart ended up being a psycho bitch who’s main goal was to murder everyone on Terra Venture, I think as revenge for killing her father.  Of course, the American producers didn’t go that far.  In this season’s PR: DT, the new white ranger, or AbareKiller, is actually incredibly violent and I think kills a few people.  I don’t think that’ll happen on PR.
-Several episodes of PR had to be edited for television because of ceratin events happening at the time.  After September 11th, re-runs of PR: LOST GALAXY had to be edited because the 3-part finale had Trakeena’s stingwingers act as suicide bombers.  They blew up buildings, the zords, and themselves.  Most of the scenes had to be cut and the specific parts can easily be seen where the music just gets cut off.
-Also in PR: LG, after the Shuttle Columbia disaster, for one airing of the finale, I think the crashing of the space station Terra Venture had to be cut as well.  Since then, however, the scenes of the space station crashing have aired.
-PR: TIME FORCE which was on the air at the time of September 11th, had to edit out scenes of terrorism.  The season villain Ransik was actually a “terrorist” and his character had to be changed, I think.  The series had a subplot of biochemicals and all that too.  An episode of PR: NINJA STORM (“Snip It, Snip It Good”) had to be delayed because of terrorism scenes as well.
-PR: LOST GALAXY in 1999 was the most expensive season to produce.  Most footage was original American footage with only the zord battles and some fights being Sentai footage.  The special effects were amped up for the series as well.  There were also 45 episodes, the most for any PR season. 
-Kendrix was the first and only Power Ranger to be “killed.”  She came back to life at the end of the season, but was killed and replaced.  I believe the actress who played Kendrix had to leave the show because of health concerns, but she was ok. 
-While one ranger has “died” and several parents of rangers are “dead,”  death is rarely mentioned.  You either say “destroyed” or “survive” in reference to dying.  PR: WILD FORCE was the first season to really have a storyline focus on death when Cole (red ranger) found out that Master Org had murdered his parents.  Master Org also had no remorse for killinghis parents either and in fact had wanted to kill Cole as well.  Also later in the season, Kite/Animus in the body of a little boy died, but just dissolved into a burst of light. 
-Next year’s POWER RANGERS will center around a police force in space, from what I’ve read.  My computer can’t handle downloading entire Sentai episodes, nor would I want to anyway.  Besides, I wouldn’t understand Japanese.

Wow, long…

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