Recap and Season Review: The Apprentice, Season 1

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THE APPRENTICE is officially the 2nd best reality show ever!  THE AMAZING RACE is 2nd to none, but THE APPRENTICE is definitely 2nd to TAR… I think it has officially joined the “reality show” elite (the elite being TAR, SURVIVOR, and even AI)  Those four will most likely get the Emmy nods in September.

Definitely happy with who won.  Bill deserved to win.  He’s been great through the whole thing, while Kwame never did anything significant.  Let’s see, Bill handled the tournament perfectly.  There were little hiccups, but they were just that, hiccups and Bill handled them well.  Nothing major, and I don’t think he was “ruffled”… he just wanted everything to go perfectly and he had to make sure that everything was.  Bill’s a nice guy and very deserving of the job.  Kwame, however, didn’t handle his problems as well as Bill did.  He didn’t deal with Omarosa, when he should have.  (Though I still like Omarosa, lol, she’s hilarious)  Even though he didn’t know he could fire her, he still should’ve dealt with her and called her on her mistakes and lies.  That situation could’ve made Kwame shine and possibly win THE APPRENTICE.  But that, and losing Jessica Simpson, not once but twice, and how he handled it all lost him the job.  So I guess he’s on to KFC.

I didn’t think I would enjoy the show when I first heard about it, but closer to the premiere and after watching the premiere, I knew I had another favorite show  I think Donald Trump has single handedly saved NBC from collapsing next season.  (Much like Regis did with MILLIONAIRE a few years ago at ABC)  Without THE APPRENTICE, NBC would have big holes to fill and not much foundation.  If THE APPRENTICE never aired, or never aired on NBC, the net would have had to fill FRASIER’s and FRIENDS’ shoes.  On Thursday, THE APPRENTICE will serve as a tentpole to the sagging ER and WILL & GRACE, and the spin-off JOEY.  APPRENTICE will boost if not carry NBC’s Thursday line-up next season.  Without the APPRENTICE, NBC wouldn’t have that big name series that CBS (SURVIVOR, CSI) and Fox (AMERICAN IDOL) have.  NBC would have had to fill all its timeslots with LAW & ORDER spin-offs.

I was expecting more Mark Burnett and SURVIVOR-esque elements in the finale.  I guess there was no final twist of sabotage as everyone had speculated last week.  And how about the reunion, SURVIVOR has its one hour reunion special, THE APPRENTICE gets 10 minutes?  They didn’t even mention a few of the 16.  And cut off most of the one’s they did mention.  FRIENDS were reruns, I think even a 30 minute reunion would’ve been better than two unfunny reruns of a washed-out show.  

If you missed THE APPRENTICE LIVE two hour finale, it will re-air today at 6PM and 9PM on CNBC (also on Monday probably) and tomorrow, Saturday at 9PM on NBC.

So I am definitely pumped about THE APPRENTICE 2.  Great 2nd half of the year for TV, THE AMAZING RACE 5 in July, SURVIVOR with NEW contestants (all-stars has been a big boring letdown) and possibly THE AMAZING RACE 6 in the fall?  Of course, AMERICAN DREAMS in September and hopefully ALIAS will get renewed (I think there’s no doubt, its ABC’s only chance at any award recognition). 

P.S. Now that Chris Carmack is gone on The O.C. LET THE REDUNDANCY BEGIN!!!  And yea for Jasmine being safe this week.  Great bottom 3, though George and Fantasia should’ve been down there instead.

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