Recap: Alias, Episode 3.19 – Hourglass

 (out of 4)
EPISODE: HOURGLASS    Aired Sunday, April 18, 2004

I thought it was a great episode.  Intense scenes at the end of the episode.  Although I knew they weren’t going to kill off Sloane (Ron Rifkin) (I mean, how could they?  He is still too important to the show, and I think he is definitely going to be there till the end), his execution was still intense especially when Sydney (played by the beautiful Jennifer Garner) found out it was going through. 

I love how ALIAS and JJ Abrams always puts in little things which don’t seem important or really make sense at first, but later when everything is put together it does.  For example, the drink Jack (the hilarious Victor Garber) gave Sloane, you wouldn’t think anything of it.  But it countered the lethal injection.   Right?  And David Carradine’s cameo, would not have remembered the time Sloane traveled to Nepal to visit the monk.  At the time, I wondered “why the hell did he go there?”  but I soon forgot about it.  And now they of course explain everything, well most of it. 

And how about a few weeks ago with Quinten Tarantino, I didn’t know that episode with “The Box” was in the first season!  I thought it was in the 2nd season.  So of course it all comes back.

The scenes at the Reed home were good too, until Lauren (Melissa George) decided she wanted to have sex with Vaughn (Michael Vartan) in the study.  With Sydney and Marshall (Kevin Weisman) listening.  Oh, and Kevin/Marshall, hilarious as always. 

I like how they are just watching what Lauren does next and then nail her at the perfect time.  Maybe on the season finale which still hasn’t been scheduled yet.

Also congratulations to ALIAS for beating 24 (Fox) by a few million viewers.  The two shows that were always compared three years ago when they first premiered finally went head to head.  Of course, I prefer ALIAS, because it has its serious, intense moments, but it can be lighthearted at times, and most of all ENJOYABLE.  24 isn’t my cup of tea I guess.  lol

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