Recap: Power Rangers DinoThunder, Episode 10 – Ocean Alert

 (out of 4) EPISODE 12-10: OCEAN ALERT
Aired: Saturday, April 10, 2004

This episode has to be the worst episode of the season so far.  “Ocean Alert” reminded me of the stupidness of much of NINJA STORM.  Corny, stupid, recycled plot; unbelievably bad acting, even for PR; no plot movement, just a really bad episode.

-Conner and Ethan actually use their powers for the first time since “Day of the Dino” (the premiere, 8 episodes ago); Kira has been using the Ptera Scream often.
-The unmorphed fight scene
-Elsa being bithcy to Nikki Valentine (or whatever her last name was)
-The “surfzord” lol, was ok
-Nothing else

-That Nikki is suppose to be every man’s dream and the envy of every woman?   She was not pretty at all…
-Corny, cheesy entrance for Nikki, it started out funny, but when it felt like a couple of minutes had gone by it got old and annoying really fast.
-PRDT already had Kylie Styles come to Reefside, and be attacked by Mesagog, in a way, so this was a recycled plot (it was only a few episodes ago, out of 10!)  Everything was basically the same, only worse… Not only was Conner pining away, we had Ethan hyperventilating over nothing.
-Cassidy and Devin keep getting more annoying… if they even cut their scenes in half, it would’ve been a better episode, but then again that extra time could’ve been given to Nikki… Useless filler in a filler episode
-Trent and his father… I now feel like they have them appear together for a few seconds to remind everyone that they ARE father and son… with no significant development… “ooo… he’s going to take over the Mercer empire when he’s ‘gone'” whatever …
-Trent and Kira?  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!  lol

But DT is still shaping up to be the best season ever, as long as they don’t have episodes like this ever again. 

NEXT WEEK: The White Ranger, three parter begins – Part 1 on Saturday, Part 2 on Sunday – 8:30AM on ABC Family

Well, time to go nap-nap… gotta get up around 5 to go the SALUBONG at Holy Angels

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