Easter Sunday at Holy Angels

Geez, maybe I shouldn’t have slept at 2AM, I got up at 5:50 and changed in seconds so we could rush to HOLY ANGELS for the SALUBONG or as Fr. Manuel Curso says THE ENCOUNTER, (I thought “salubong” meant “meeting” or something like that, well close enough).  We were just in time, they were about to start the procession.  It was pretty cold, but you got used to it after walking for a few minutes.  Women went around to Reiner then entered into the parking lot, men down Allemany (not the big one near San Jose) then towards Philippine Grocery and back onto San Pedro.  I guess we were walking pretty fast because we had to wait a few minutes for the women to arrive so Jesus and Mary could “meet” in the courtyard.  Pretty cool, Philippine traditions in the US of A.  Kinda surprised they’ve never done this before, especially at HOLY ANGELS  If I had been earlier, I’d probably had to be a candle bearer, Jessica had to, lol… The four candle bearers looked very confused… if I were one of them, the procession would’ve probably took longer than half an hour… lol

I think today’s 7:00AM has the biggest turnout ever, even though it was Easter, it would’ve never been as full as it was today if it wasn’t for the SALUBONG.  I’m sure many of those people wouldn’t even be awake at that time if it wasn’t for the children singing in the angel choir.  I would’ve liked to see the angel actually being lowered, like they do in the Philippines.  That would’ve been tight/tite/tyte , lol…  So then the mass started at 7 as usual, and then they had a little “breakfast” (I’d call it a morning snack) with long-ga-nizzle, sausage, eggs, beef, and rice.  Disappointed that they didn’t include bread with my cold food, but its ok.  Jessica and I made up for it by taking some Easter candy.  lol  When we were at the car, I saw Drea and Carleen  neither of which I’d seen since last December’s HA reunion/surprise party for Christi, lol…

So its been a long morning, but it was pretty cool… maybe next year you can experience an authentic Philippine tradition right in your own parish!  (well, maybe at HOLY ANGELS CATHOLIC CHURCH, COLMA CALIFORNIA)

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