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Mini-Recap: “Taxi Driver 2” – Episodes 5 and 6

These two episodes of Taxi Driver were interesting. Mostly because I’m not sure I actually liked or enjoyed them. And it’s not because the subject matter was uncomfortable or anything like that. It just felt like the case of the week was a bit too “out there” compared to the more relatable and character-driven cases our Rainbow Taxi friends usually take care of.

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Hindsight Review: Strong Cast and Storytelling Makes Netflix’s “The Glory” a Resonant Experience

The Glory is a school violence and revenge plot on the surface. But its most affecting moments involved the simple connections and bonds one is able to make with another. Those relationships are what can help get them through difficult journeys. Those friendships can help guide them toward the light at the end of the tunnel. And those bonds provide the hope to keep one moving toward healing and peace.

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First Impression Review: A Strong Start and Lots of Potential for KBS’ “Oasis”
Mini-Recap: “Taxi Driver 2” – Episodes 3 and 4
Good Ol’ Review: MBC’s “The Forbidden Marriage” a Fun, Exciting and Satisfying Series

MBC’s The Forbidden Marriage (금혼령, 조선 혼인 금지령/Geumhonryung, Joseon’s Ban on Marriage) is such a wonderful treat of a series. The lighthearted historical romcom has just enough touches of mystery, intrigue and action to pair with the excellent cast to result in what is one of the most fun K-drama experiences I’ve had in a while.

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Mini-Recap: Netflix’s “Physical: 100” Finale + Season Wrap-up
Check-in Review: Returning for Season 2, SBS’ Excellent “Taxi Driver” Reminds Everyone What Made It 2021’s Best Drama
Good Ol’ Review: Excellent Cast Powers SBS’ “Payback” as a Tightly-Written and Thoroughly Engaging Drama

SBS’ Payback (법쩐/Law Money is a thoroughly engrossing series. Its fast-paced and careful storytelling effectively lay out the stakes in this drama that fuses together familiar K-drama elements of law, corruption and revenge. But it is having family and relationships at the forefront and as a centerpiece of the narrative that allows for dynamic character-driven twists and turns. All brought to life by an excellent ensemble cast and a slightly gritty, though polished production.

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Mini-Recap: Netflix’s “Physical: 100” – Episodes 7 and 8

After the wonderful high of last week’s Episode 6, Physical: 100 perhaps came back to Earth with this week’s pair of episodes. Though still featuring fierce competition, the transition to the penultimate Quest felt somewhat clumsy and underwhelming. That is in spite of the tasks and format of Quest 4 being quite creative and of course, challenging.

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Good Ol’ Review: “Love Alarm Clap! Clap! Clap!” Offers Refreshing and Welcome Twist to the Genre
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