Commentary: Eat Bulaga/Tahanang Pinakamasaya – NOW, Can Everyone Move On?

I feel like a good rant this Friday evening (Saturday noontime, Philippine time).

I posted back in December that it was time to move on from the Eat Bulaga drama.

I closed out my post back then by saying:

And maybe more importantly, for everyone, getting people to shut up about the issue and drama once and for all. Stamping out the vitriolic nonsense and sanctimonious overtures. And finally allowing everyone to move on and get back to the simple idea of letting people watch and enjoy what they want to without being attacked or judged. Simply because of two simple words.

Now that the title of Eat Bulaga (with or without ellipsis) is officially in the hands of the people hosting the show that airs on TV5 (and CNN Philippines lol) and the TAPE Inc-produced show on GMA Network has adopted its tagline Tahanang Pinakamasaya as its new title, I think now really is the time for everyone to move on.

It’s been unbelievable how this Philippine Noontime Tumult™ has devolved so much, especially in the last month or so. Which is the reason for my initial December post wishing for everyone to just shut up and move on.

I think what triggered me back then was seeing the disgusting vitriol being hurled at Rochelle Pangilinan after her appearances on the TAPE-produced Eat Bulaga. Of course, she got her showbiz start on the show. And apparently for some people, she should’ve packed her bags and followed Tito, Vic and Joey to TV5 or something.

The comments that littered her social media after those appearances by, I am assuming, rabid fans of TVJ and Original Bulaga were so horrible and vitriolic. And it really made me think about how crazy some people might be. Though it really shouldn’t have been a surprise considering the kind of rabid insanity that permeates fandoms and idolatry in Philippine entertainment. Partly cultivated by Network War Culture™.

Those vitriolic comments extended to other hosts and guests of TAPE’s Bulaga. You couldn’t go onto TAPE’s livestreams or social media without seeing people spamming their comments with nonsense. Whether it was comments bashing TAPE or the show itself or the hosts. Or worse, ridiculing innocent bystanders merely watching the show. Perhaps hoping to be able to scan the QR code or just simply wanting to enjoy mindless noontime entertainments.

My immediate though would always be, “Why aren’t you all just watching E.A.T on TVJ and TV5’s accounts instead of wasting your time on a show (TAPE’s Eat Bulaga) you think is garbage?” Why would people waste their time and mobile data on spamming the comments section of TAPE Inc’s livestream? And worse, exhibit such trash behavior as hurling derogatory comments at hosts, guests and home viewers.

Now, there are definitely some TAPE-supporters who dish out harsh comments as well. But does anyone seriously believe TAPE Bulaga has very many rabid fans who would waste time being online keyboard warriors? Come on now. Let’s be real here.

The now-Tahanang Pinakamasaya‘s audience is more than likely just fans of any of the hosts or everyday Filipinos hoping to get lucky scanning QR codes. And hopefully there are also people who simply want to watch something they think is entertaining.

So then why are those people also getting hit with vitriolic nonsense. Innocent bystanders also having to wade through outrageous ridicule and comments.

It would be fine if you could try and block all of that toxicity. But that seems like a futile endeavor. Hate and bash TPTB all you want. By also directing vitriol at fellow Filipinos just watching a TV show? What kind of person are you to get off on having such horrible behavior?

It also makes no sense wishing for the demise of the show either. Personally, I wouldn’t be able to last a few minutes watching It’s Showtime. I’d probably fall asleep or not be able to resist the urge to change the channel. But I would never call for its cancellation. Heck, I disagreed with their suspension a few months ago.

More options will always be better. Not less. Having three noontime shows for Filipino to enjoy is a positive. Not a negative. So why must people be so nasty, negative and toxic?

Network War Culture™ has really done a number on the Filipino population.

But anyway. Now that every noontime show has their own title, my only hope is that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE can finally move on from this unnecessary drama and finally shut the hell up about it.

It is really quite simple. Again, let people watch what they want to watch! Let people enjoy what they want to enjoy. And in peace! 2024 na! Move. On.

6 thoughts on “Commentary: Eat Bulaga/Tahanang Pinakamasaya – NOW, Can Everyone Move On?

  1. Agreed! Walang basagan ng trip. Bakit pakialaman yung gusto ng iba. Kaloka. Kaya hindi uunlad ang Pilipinas eh dahil sa sobrang toxic yung showbiz culture and fantardism.

  2. TAHANANG PINAKAMALAS! TAHANANG PINAKALUNGKOT! TAHANANG MAGSASARA! 🤣 Edi dyan ka sa tolongges at bulok na child rapist! Pwe!

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