Saturday Sounds, June 1, 2024 – Stray Kids, Kim Jae Hwan, ONEUS, ZEROBASEONE, DXMON

Continuing to catch up on fresh music from the past month with Stray Kids, Kim Jae Hwan, ONEUS, ZEROBASEONE, DXMON.

“Lose My Breath” Stray Kids featuring Charlie Puth

Stray Kids offer up this great vibe of a track “Lose My Breath” featuring Charlie Puth. The pop dance track has a catchy and minimalist melody that allows you to just listen and vibe with the song. No offense to Charlie Puth, but I don’t even really notice his contribution to the song. Good for me then that Stray Kids released a special live performance of what is essentially their “solo” version.

“Amaid” by Kim Jae Hwan

Kim Jae Hwan is back with another excellent title track in “Amaid”. The midtempo dance track offers Kim Jae Hwan an opportunity to show off a different side of himself from the rest of his great discography so far. The mature sound and lyrics of the track show that step forward for him.

“Now” by ONEUS

ONEUS’ latest track is a remake of Fin.K.L’s hit “Now”. And while I haven’t heard the original from the legendary group before listening to ONEUS’ version, I could already hear that signature K-pop sound of the turn of the century. But with a modern twist as well that allows ONEUS to make their song their own while also respecting the original too.


ZEROBASEONE are churning out fresh music at a quick pace. And “Feel the POP” matches that energy with an energetic and bright, summery pop vibe. It allows the group to have a bit more loose and free performance, unleashing their charms.

Girls, Love Boys, Love Girls” by DXMON

The rookie group make their first comeback with this moody midtempo dance track. Like their debut, DXMON is able is show off their charms and charisma with this unique sound and performance. Definitely a great follow-up to their debut.

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