Thursday Tunes, April 11, 2024 – EPEX, ONF, CRAVITY

New releases, new music videos and potential year-end favorites for me from EPEX, ONF and CRAVITY!

“Youth2Youth” by EPEX

EPEX’s “Full Metal Jacket” and “Hit The Wall” were two of my favorite tracks of 2023. Both very much the group’s signature powerful sound and performance. But after releasing “Graduation Day” last month and now their new album with title track “Youth2Youth”, I very much enjoy seeing a softer side of the talented group. “Youth2Youth” is a great track that features relatable lyrics with a soaring and hopeful melody. It is a perfect opportunity for the group to show off their growth and diversity. It definitely has the potential to be one of my favorites of the year.

For the other solid tracks on the album, “Breathe in Love” and “Painkiller” are my favorites aside from “Youth2Youth” and “Graduation Day”.

“Bye My Monster” by ONF

ONF are back with a brand new album in Beautiful Shadow. And what is always so great about ONF is that every release from them features their signature sound and style, even as they try out different genres. That’s very much the case with title track “Bye My Monster”. The pop dance track with a bit of classic band sound is the perfect, dramatic backdrop for the emotional lyrics. You can never go wrong with an ONF performance and they deliver once again with this track and album. Not to mention another cinematic music video from them as well!

“C’est La Vie” by CRAVITY

I enjoyed CRAVITY’s latest album and its title track “Love or Die”. I mentioned that “C’est La Vie” and “Over & Over” were my other favorite tracks from the album. And this week, the group released a music video for one of them! The MV for “C’est La Vie” perfectly captures the powerful and groovy vibe of the track with fun and creative visuals. Now how about an MV for “Over & Over” too? Hehe.

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