Good Ol’ Review: “Flex X Cop” a Complete and Satisfying Package of Mystery, Drama, Action and Humor

Flex X Cop Korean Drama Review

No spoilers.

Flex X Cop (재벌X형사/Chaebol X Detective) is one of the most complete Korean drama series I’ve ever watched. Anything you might want to find in a K-drama, you’ll find here. An effortless blend of mystery, drama and plenty of humor; the series is a fun, exciting and very satisfying experience. Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun lead an excellent ensemble cast who help to bring to life an intricate and well-rounded story alongside slick and purposeful direction. And it all comes together into this wonderful package.

Based on a Russian series, Flex X Cop centers on Jin Isoo (Ahn Bo Hyun), a third generation chaebol heir whose immature personality causes him to end up joining a team in the violent crime unit of his local police station. That’s where he eventually partners with veteran detective and team leader Lee Gang Hyun (Park Ji Hyun) whose personality immediately clashes with Isoo’s. But as they work together, along with team members Jun Young (Kang Sang Jun) and Kyung Jin (Kim Shin Bi), they find their seemingly contrasting styles end up being much more complimentary than they ever imagined. And that combination allows them to take down criminals and achieve justice for a wide array of victims.

As Isoo and Gang Hyun work out their differences to become perfect partners, they also uncover details about their pasts and loved ones that will help not only bring justice, but also peace and healing. For the victims and for themselves as well.

Flex X Cop is set against the backdrop of Korea’s chaebol families and how sometimes the wealth and power involved can corrupt almost every aspect of society. And vice versa as well.

Flex X Cop Korean Drama Review

Isoo, though well-versed in law, must learn on the job alongside his more experienced detective teammates. And through his crash course in law and order, the series is able to tell diverse character-driven stories while also offering up some social commentary too.

For any series that focuses on a team or a group of people and friends, the relationships that are formed and developed throughout the course of the series is what can make or break it. And Flex X Cop is able to develop the amazing relationship that forms between Isoo and his new teammates in Gang Hyun, Jun Young and Kyung Jin. That familiar dynamic of clashing personalities growing into something closer with more trust and belief in each other is told in such a fun and engaging way here.

I believe it is the series’ biggest strength. Especially Isoo and Gang Hyun as partners whose relationship develops with the most pitch perfect pacing you’ll see anywhere. The series is able to take its time. And that makes their eventual coming together all the more satisfying.

Flex X Cop Korean Drama Review

And thanks to that bond and connection, all other stories the series tells across its 16 episodes safely land. All the emotions and surprises that come with each of these stories told are made that much more impactful because of that central and core relationship between the four teammates, especially Isoo and Gang Hyun.

There is always a bit of formula and familiar themes if you’ve watched a good number of Korean dramas. So it is very special these days when a series like Flex X Cop is able to take those familiar things and offer something new and refreshing.

The series has your familiar Cases of Week. And the team is able to bring the perpetrators to justice. And especially helping those who have to fight against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Through every case our team solves, the series is able to intertwine more personal stories of family, friendship and camaraderie.

Flex X Cop takes the procedural aspect of the series’ narrative and uses it to power the deeper human stories. Character-driven stories, especially for our main characters, really resonate. The depth offered through the effortless blending of well-written characters and legitimately engaging story really are a different, but welcome experience. There is a big heart and sincerity that ripples through the series. And that’s something you might not readily expect from a series with focus on action and crime-fighting.

Flex X Cop Korean Drama Review

The series is careful and thoughtful in the way they tell these stories. Being able to balance both drama and humor to make for accessible and relatable situations in a wide array of stories.

You never feel like this series is too long or has overstayed its welcome. Nor does it feel like the series does not have enough time to properly tell a story. Every story is presented and wrapped up quite neatly, even as the series ends with even more possibilities for the future.

It has been so great watching Ahn Bo Hyun’s elevation to leading man status. Long a dependable and many times, standout supporting actor, he has proven his worth with some excellent performances in lead roles. And as Isoo, it might just be the best showcase so far for him as an actor. Being able to deliver both the dramatic and lighthearted scenes and being able to display wit, humor and charisma all in one; it really is an endearing and attention-grabbing performance by him.

Jun Ji Hyun could follow a similar path as him. She has also been a dependable and sometimes standout actress in supporting roles. But now she is finally the leading lady and she more than proves she deserves even bigger and better roles. And considering her role as Gang Hyun is pretty great already, there really is no limit to what she is capable of as an actress. Jun Ji Hyun has had a wide array of roles in different genres. And she uses that experience to make Gang Hyun such an immediately engaging character. She can be badass and vulnerable, tough and compassionate, stubborn and caring; Jun Ji Hyun brings all those emotions to vivid life and then some.

Flex X Cop Korean Drama Review

Ahn Bo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun share an immediate chemistry as well. And while there are hints of something more romantic, that is thankfully not the focus of the series. Instead, the series focuses more on their dynamic as partners and in helping each other overcome certain feelings from the past all while working together to bring perps to justice.

Ahn Bo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun are absolutely fantastic leads, heading up a large and talented ensemble cast. Kang Sang Joon and Kim Shin Bi are a perfect duo to help complete their team of four. Again, their relationship as a team helping to form a huge core of the series.

A cast of veteran drama actors including Kim Myung Soo, Jang Hyun Sung, Kwon Hae Hyo and Yun Yoo Sun give the series a bit of heft as well. While Kwak Si Yang as Isoo’s brother Jin Seung Ju shows that he too is a talented actor deserving of more than just good supporting roles.

Overall, the depth that is offered through the seamless blending of well-written and dynamic characters with legitimately exciting and engaging stories really is a different, but very welcome experience for any K-drama viewer. Throw in some slick action, plenty of heart and sincerity and a welcome does of humor, the series feels like a complete package.

Flex X Cop Korean Drama Review

These days, Korean dramas have shifted more toward shorter 8, 10 or 12 episode runs. Sometimes, 16 episode series can feel a bit too long or drawn out. So when a series like Flex X Cop comes along and is able to fill each of its 16 episodes with engaging and captivating stories and characters, it is a special treat. And with the news that a second season in in the cards sometime soon, it just shows how vibrant and fully developed they’ve already made this world.

With its engaging stories, well-written characters and balance of action, heart and humor, Flex X Cop is one of the best, most well-rounded, most satisfying and most fun series you’ll get to experience in a long time!

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