Good Ol’ Review: “Unintentional Love Story” a Familiar, But Refreshing Series

Unintentional Love Story Review

No spoilers.

Unintentional Love Story (비의도적 연애담) might have a familiar story, but its refreshing approach, charming cast and solid execution make it a thoroughly enjoyable and fulfilling watch.

The series follows office worker Won Young (Gongchan) who is fired after being wrongly accused of corruption. He steps away to the countryside to recharge and reevaluate his life only to stumble upon the elusive ceramic artist Yoon Tae Joon (Cha Seo Won) whom his now-former company has long sought out for an exclusive contract.

Won Young decides to play spy on Tae Joon and reports back to his former manager with the hopes of getting his job back. First trying to get a job at Tae Joon’s pottery shop and then signing up for pottery classes, Won Young tries to get closer to the artist in order to eventually hand him over to his company in exchange for his job. But as they grow closer, Won Young begins to question his sexuality as well as how his own motivations may run counter to the feelings he and Tae Joon seem to be developing for each other.

Unintentional Love Story may feel familiar to many a K-drama fan, BL series or not. But what makes it different from others is that it actually does feel like a full series. Not simply a short web series with awkward cuts to suit a shorter run time. The series’ ten episodes play out like a full television drama. With its well-paced and simple, though fully developed story, Unintentional Love Story offers up a refreshing change of pace from the norm.

Alongside the story of supporting (potential) couple Dong Hee (Do Woo) and Ho Tae (You Make Me Dance‘s Won Tae Min), Won Young and Tae Joon embark on a sweet journey. There is a good mix of cute fluff and angsty drama with just a touch of office politics and relatable friendships.

Unintentional Love Story Review

Unintentional Love Story draws its strength from its charming cast. Gongchan and Cha Seo Won have a solid chemistry and are able to manage the careful line that their characters tread. Any more or any less from them may force their couple’s story to topple over because of the overly familiar plot. But they are able to find that right balance to keep their story and their characters’ relationship on steady ground.

As Dong Hee and Ho Tae, Do Woo and Won Tae Min make the most of their short snippets of time on-screen. And aside from doing what they can to support our leading men, they elevate their own characters’ story to the point that you are left wanting a lot more from them in the end.

And that’s a testament also to the series’ pacing and well-developed story. The series makes good use of the time it has in order to flesh out its main plot threads. But leaves just enough to whet your appetite for more without feeling unsatisfying.

Unintentional Love Story Review

And that’s ultimately what Unintentional Love Story is able to do: Deliver a satisfying ending to a fulfilling story. Even if its premise might sound overly familiar, it has plenty of refreshing and charming twists to make it a thoroughly enjoyable viewing experience.

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