Filipino Friday, November 24, 2023 – P-pop Check-In

Checking in with some P-pop releases I’ve missed out on these last few months! Including music from PLUUS, YGIG, CLOUD7, ECLIPSE, DAYDREAM.

“Shining Star” by PLUUS

PLUUS also had a strong debut this year. And since then, they’ve released two new tracks. First was the ballad “Missing You” in August. A nice, emotional track which is a great showcase of the group’s vocal talent.

They released “Shining Star” a few weeks ago. And it’s partly because I saw the music video for it on my YouTube recommends that I wondered about these releases I’ve missed. “Shining Star” is a bright pop track, but kind of lacks the big energy and production of their debut album. (The MV too, especially.)

“BB” by YGIG

“Touchdown” by YGIG

Meanwhile, this is the first time I’m checking out PLUUS’ SBTown siblings YGIG. “BB” is an interesting track mainly because I feel like it would sound even better if it was sped up a little more. The moody dance track is alright as it is. But I feel like it would be even more impactful with a more powerful approach. “Touchdown,” meanwhile, captures that kind of energy a bit better. It allows the group to deliver a strong, charismatic performance.

“Tara Na” by CLOUD7

Rookie P-pop group CLOUD7 made their debut with the bright, youthful track “Tara Na.” The song perfectly suits the young group with its pop vibes and friendly, hopeful lyrics. They remind me a lot of the recently debut K-pop group The Wind with their similar ages. And their style and vibe are also very comparable. It’s great to see, for lack of a better term, age-appropriate performances. Where artists aren’t forced to grow up too soon or older artists are forced to do fan service-y performances. “Tara Na” is just right for CLOUD7. And it’s a great start for their journey together as a group!

“Yan Ang Pinoy” by ECLIPSE

Talking about the journey of YAMA turned ECLIPSE and now ECLYPSE is a whole post on its own. I’m definitely rooting for them and have been looking forward to their debut all the way back to when some of the members won Asian Television Awards-winning Top Class. But ahead of their hopefully impending debut, I finally checked out “Yan Ang Pinoy,” a track they released as ECLIPSE a few months ago. It’s a great track expressing Filipino pride and I could see it and hear it playing while applauding Filipino talents in many fields.

“Stay Stuck” by DAYDREAM

I haven’t heard much from DAYDREAM since my Deep Dive last year. But they released “Stay Stuck” last July. The charismatic dance track blends pop, hip-hop and R&B into a captivating package.

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