Thanksgiving Thursday Tunes, November 23, 2023 – VIXX, MCND, AMPERS&ONE, 24K+ and LUN8wave

Happy Thanksgiving!
Play these tracks while getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner! New songs from VIXX, MCND, AMPERS&ONE, 24K+ and LUN8wave.

“Amnesia” by VIXX

I was excited to read about VIXX returning with a new album. The current active line-up of Hyuk, Leo and Ken released the beautiful “Gonna Be Alright” at the beginning of the year. (And it is still one of my favorites of the year too.) So I was expecting this new release to be similar. Boy was I in for a surprise! Title track “Amnesia” very much harkens back to the days when there were a few more members in the group. But even with just the three currently active members, they have no problem picking up where the group last left off. The album Continuum with its five tracks very much showcase the group’s more mature sound while still feeling and sounding familiar for long-time fans.

“Odd-Venture” by MCND

After more than a year, MCND is finally back with new music. And the album Odd-Venture and title track of the same name are well-worth the wait. The title track is an adventurous Western-infused hip-hop dance track. The melody well enhances the song’s determined and hopeful message. And it provides MCND with an opportunity to showcase a developed and more mature sound and style. Every other track on the album is just as great. With the rock-infused pop opener “Run” and the bright “Pop Star” to the dreamy R&B track “Treasure” and hip-hop trap “Loosen Up” and “Cruise,” it is a very strong album. And it wraps with an English version of the excellent “W.A.T.1” as a special treat.

“On and On” by AMPERS&ONE

Rookie group AMPERS&ONE not only has an interesting name, but an interesting debut release as well. Debut track “On and On” is a rousing and groovy pop dance track with some rock and synth infused for a great energy. And definitely a refreshing track for a rookie group to debut with. The other two tracks on the album Ampersand One are “Sweet & Sour” and “Sheesh”. And both tracks continue the fresh, youthful vibe the group exudes with this debut. A very nice introduction to these talented rookies!

“Roller Coaster” by 24K+

24K has undergone many line-up changes since their debut. And the current five members are looking for a bit of a fresh start as they presumably take themselves a positive step forward. The group released track “Roller Coaster” as 24K+ and it is a bright, youthful track. Certainly different from the type of music 24K was known for. But perhaps that’s the very point of this fresh start, especially when none of the members have been with the group before 2018. The rest of this debut album (as 24K+) includes groovy “Secret,” ballad “Seraphic” and another bright track in “Shooting Star” which is the album opener. A solid album and again, a nice way for a fresh start.

“Playground” by LUN8wave

I was a little surprised to hear about the sub-unit LUN8wave when the full group had just debuted this year without a first comeback yet. “Playground” is a bright and youthful track whose hip-hop beat gets the group into a sort of relaxed energy. Definitely different from the full group’s debut, but an interesting sub-unit release from them. A charming performance.

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