Music Monday, October 23, 2023 – KINGDOM’s “History of Kingdom: Part VII. Jahan”

We have finally reached the 7th realm of KINGDOM! The talented group is wrapping up what has been arguably the most creative concept in K-pop with their latest album History of Kingdom: Part VII. Jahan.

The title track “Coup d’Etat” is probably my new favorite title of theirs. The strong vibe and energy of the song and the always powerful performance from the group is really captivating. And catchy! You’ll be humming the chorus for a few days after first listening to the song! Hehe. Just a great, easily appealing song and performance.

The rest of the album, again, as always for KINGDOM, has some wonderful gems. Especially for potential fans looking for more “traditional” pop songs rather than the grand, royal performances of the title tracks.

“Love Song” is a sweet pop track, the biggest contrast to “Coup d’Etat,” but a perfect example of the group’s versatility. “X-Game” is a groovy and bouncy hip-hop dance track. And “Sandcastle” is a beautiful rock-infused pop song with its bittersweet lyrics.

But my favorite track from the album and a contender for my new favorite track overall from KINGDOM is “On My Way.” When I first heard the instrumental in TikTok teasers on the group’s official account, I already knew I would love the track. And once I listened to it in full, I definitely confirmed it. The energetic pop-dance track has a perfect vibe and a sound you can’t help but enjoy. This is definitely securing itself a high spot on my year-end list!

I actually didn’t realize all the members (save for Hwon who joined the group last year) have all already been featured in each of their royal backstories until they posted this “recap” of “HISTORY OF KINGDOM : SEASON I : KINGDOM(킹덤)의 탄생”

It will be definitely be interesting to see what KINGDOM has in store for “season 2,” now that the foundation has been laid for what has potential to be such a vivid and creative world for their music and performances.

It’s very easy to become a fan of KINGDOM. I’m happy to have followed them on their journey up to this point. And even more excited about what’s to come!

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