Music Monday, October 16, 2023 – TOMORROW X TOGETHER, POW, Xdinary Heroes, JUST B, INI

We’re rocking out with this week’s Music Monday with great new music from TOMORROW X TOGETHER, POW, Xdinary Heroes, JUST B, INI.

“Chasing That Feeling” by TOMORROW X TOGETHER

I haven’t been a big fan of TXT’s last two title tracks. The group always delivers impactful performances, but I haven’t necessarily added any of their recent music to my repeat playlist. “Chasing That Feeling” might change that as the synth-infused pop track feels so refreshing in many ways. First, as a different sound from TXT’s recent releases. And second, because it sounds like an actual song and not necessarily made specifically so it can trend on TikTok’s For You Page for a few weeks. (Which is what a lot of songs sound like lately.) The song reminds me a lot of TXT’s earlier music with an obvious step forward as well. So it makes me really appreciate and enjoy the track.

The rest of the album The Name Chapter : Freefall is an interesting mix of tracks. The tracklist includes rock tracks “Growing Pain,” “Skipping Stones” and fan song “Blue Spring,” a TXT-only version of the groovy “Back for More,” soulful R&B ballad “Dreamer,” EDM-tinged “Deep Down” and “Happily Ever After” and the previously released “Do It Like That” with the Jonas Brothers. My favorite tracks, aside from “Chasing That Feeling” might be “Skipping Stones” and “Blue Spring.”

“Amazing” by POW

“Dazzling” by POW

Rookie group POW has made a great debut. And an interesting one at that. I really enjoyed their first pre-release track “Favorite,” especially as it sounded refreshingly different from what’s being heard these days. Little did I know that was just a taste of things to come from them. The group released the music video for “Amazing” last week and I was again so impressed by the group and the track. The electric guitar-powered track really grabs your attention.

And now the group officially makes their debut with the release of their album. I was so pleasantly surprised by title track “Dazzling.” If “Favorite” and “Amazing” are not your typical K-pop debut tracks, then “Dazzling” is even more unique. The soul and funk-based band track has a pleasant melody that is really so different, but equally engaging from the rest of the crowded field.

The album also includes the mellow R&B track “Slow Dancing,” completing POW’s strong and refreshing debut. I’m definitely going to keep an eye on them, especially with Filipino-Korean member Youn Dongyeon finally able to debut as well!

“Break the Brake” by Xdinary Heroes

Talking about unique, Xdinary Heroes is definitely that. The idol band has really released some powerful, impactful tracks so far. And “Break the Brake” as well as the rest of the album Livelock continues their strong discography. The title track is an intense, energetic performance that very much exemplifies the band’s sound and style.

The album includes the pop-rock “Freddy” and “Again? Again!”, emotional “Enemy” and industrial rock genre “Bad Chemical”. My favorites from the album are the soaring “Pluto” and ballad “Paranoid.”

“Medusa” by JUST B

JUST B embarked on a new chapter last November with the rock-infused pop track “ME= (Naneun)” and they follow that up with “Medusa.” I think I like this title track of their latest album ÷ (NANUGI) a lot more. The punk rock song has an addictive melody with a youthful energy that suits the group very well.

The rest of the album has what might be the group’s best collection of tracks as well: hopeful pop opener “Drama,” synth-infused “Paper Plane,” nostalgic “Youth” and “Coming Home,” the previously released ballad “Camelia” and an acoustic version of “Coming Home.” A really great release from JUST B.

“Hana” by INI

Rounding out our rock-infused week is INI with their 5th single album Tag Me. The pop-rock title track “Hana” is such a great, easily appealing song. The soaring and melodic chorus gives INI an opportunity to show off a different side of themselves. Releasing some powerful pop dance tracks so far, “Hana” is a wonderful change of pace.

For fans looking for those familiarly powerful performances, the album has “Tag” as well the mellow “You In” and synth-infused “10 Things.”

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