Thursday Tunes, August 10, 2023 – Boy Story, n.SSign, ITZY, The Rose

An interesting mix of tracks from Boy Story, n.SSign, ITZY and The Rose.

“Z.I.P” by Boy Story

It’s been great watching the members of Boy Story grow up from being talented kids(!) to now even more talented young men. And their music reflects their growth and maturity over the years. “Z.I.P” is no different. The hip-hop dance track exudes the group’s confidence and charisma. And of course their mesmerizing talent. They definitely deserve a lot more attention and it’s songs like this one that prove that.

“Wormhole : New Track” by n.SSign

n.SSign officially make their debut with the release of their first album and their 2nd title track “Wormhole : New Track.” I really liked “Higher,” but this is definitely a very different track with its trap beat and unique sounds throughout. It’s an interesting track for sure, but maybe not my cup of tea. I’m more of a fan of the other tracks from the album Birth of Cosmo such as “Spice,” “Melody” and “Home.” Along with the previously released “Higher” as well.

“None of My Business” by ITZY

ITZY has just released their latest album Kill My Doubt. And while I’ve been quite meh on many of the recent title tracks. I’ve enjoyed more of their B-sides and other album tracks instead. This album’s title track “Cake” is going to be another one of those “I’m not feeling it” songs for me. I’m sure other people will like it. But I really don’t.

I felt the total opposite for their pre-release track “None of My Business,” however. I really liked “Bet On Me,” the first pre-release track of the album. And “None of My Business” just might be one my favorite ITZY songs ever. It was such a pleasant surprise to hear the song and immediately love it. The rhythmic pop song is really the kind of sound I’d love to hear more of from the group.

“Back to Me” by The Rose

Great to see The Rose back with some fresh music. And “Back to Me” is one of their most striking title tracks yet. The guitar-powered pure rock track is an emotionally confident self-expression about one’s fault in a failed relationship. It is a roaring track in which the band gives this defiant, charismatic performance. Perhaps in a way they have not yet done through their previous tracks.

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