Music Monday, August 7, 2023 – Kim Woojin, NINE.i, BXB, The Wind, xikers

A quintet of great comebacks and fresh tracks from Kim Woojin, NINE.i, BXB, The Wind and xikers.

“Say Something To Me” by Kim Woojin

Ahead of his first official comeback, Kim Woojin releases the beautiful song “Say Something to Me.” Woojin’s measured vocals where he is able to exhibit such control perfectly captures the sincere emotions of the song. The song and its accompanying music video depict the feelings both Woojin and the fans supporting him have had since his solo debut. Looking back at his accomplishments since, especially his world tour, definitely stir deep emotions knowing the struggles he has had to overcome in his career. But it is also a hopeful song that allows Woojin to look forward with gratitude. And again, all that is captured in this song. Very excited to finally have him back with fresh music and a new album soon!

“Turn It Off” by NINE.i

NINE.i is back with their first new release of the year. And it’s definitely a welcome comeback for the talented group. Title track “Turn It Off” is a synth-powered pop dance track that evokes a sense of nostalgia along with a hopeful message to overcome hardships. It might be a bit different from their first two title tracks, but the group has done well in showcasing their great versatility. And the rest of the album New Mind definitely does that as well. A diverse mix of tracks with my favorites being “One,” “Hurt” and “Highschool Love.”

“Planet” by BXB

Great to see BXB back as well after making their fresh start earlier this year. Title track “Planet” is a great midtempo R&B track that expresses the kilig feelings of young love. It’s a great opportunity for the group to show off their vocals. And the nostalgic story music video definitely adds to the feels. The B-side track of Chapter 1. Our Youth is “Thirsty,” a midtempo pop-hip-hop son that has a cool and trendy vibe.

“We Go” by The Wind

Rookies The Wind make their first comeback with title track “We Go.” The bright, youthful vibes of their debut are definitely present with their latest release. “Bright” is really the perfect word to describe the song and The Wind’s music in general. The positive lyrics and youthful pop tracks are easy to enjoy and thus easily endear the group to any new listener.

“Do or Die” by xikers

Rookie group xikers also make their first comeback with the album House of Tricky : How to Play and their title track “Do or Die”. The alternative rock track continues the youthful, energetic vibe from their debut. And the rookies have no problem delivering a rousing performance. My favorite tracks from the album are “Skater” and “Run”.

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