Music Monday, July 31, 2023 – #OT6! F.CUZ Releases Special Version of “Summer Days”

F.CUZ was one of the very first K-pop groups that I began following before their debut. It was around 2009 when I really started looking more into Korean pop music. And F.CUZ was a group that was preparing to debut, so I followed their pre-debut process and have been a fan ever since.

One of the most underrated, but also one of the most resilient groups in K-pop, they surprised everyone with the release of their latest track “Summer Days.” And that’s because aside from being their first new release in a few years, it is the first time that all six members of F.CUZ have come together for a song.

LeeU, who had withdrawn from the group in 2011, joins the current five members of F.CUZ Jinon, Daegeon, Raehyun, Kan and Yejun for a 2023 version of “Summer Days.” The song was originally released in 2020 by Jinon, Raehyun and Kan. But the group came together and decided to remake the refreshing song as six-members for a special release.

“Summer Days” is just a bright, feel-good track. And for longtime fans of F.CUZ, it definitely helps to express the joy in seeing the members back together. But for new fans alike, the song is the perfect mood maker for a happy summer day.

Over the years, all six F.CUZ members, past and present, had met and spent time together. Including in momentous life events such as marriage. It was wonderful to see that they all remained friends. And I’d tweeted how awesome it would be to see all six members in one frame.

Last week, I tweeted about this photo they shared:

As I thought it was the very first time indeed seeing an #OT6 photo, not knowing they had something special planned.

And last month when news that U-KISS would be reuniting for a special 15th anniversary comeback and (and one of my all-time faves) MYNAME would hold their first full group fanmeeting in years, I also hoped to see comebacks for fellow 2nd gen idols MBLAQ and F.CUZ.

(MBLAQ, your move! Hehe)

Even though I know the members have all, not moved on, but have found their own paths in the last few years, I hope them coming together for this release means it is just the first of many more to come in the future!

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