Music Monday, June 5, 2023 – MCND, HORI7ON, Stray Kids, KARD

An interesting mix of tracks today from MCND, HORI7ON, Stray Kids, KARD

“Pop Star” by MCND

Always great to have fresh music from MCND. And “Pop Star” is a great song to hold everyone over until their next official comeback. The pop dance track is a fun, energetic release, allowing the guys to once again show off their effortless blend of bright charisma. Here’s hoping they do release a new album soon!

“Lovey Dovey” by HORI7ON

HORI7ON continue teasing their upcoming debut with this bright release. “Lovey Dovey” is a pop dance track that allows the rookie group to show off a different side of themselves from their first original release “Dash.” The fun, bright performance definitely has you looking forward to their official debut.

“S Class” by Stray Kids

Stary Kids are back with the flashy “S Class.” The rousing hip-hop dance track is an energetic song from the group and they have no problem delivering the powerful, confident performance they are definitely known for.

“Icky” by KARD

I get the vibe of what they’re trying to do with the song. But the lyrics are just too wacky to take seriously. And it’s not even in a fun way. Some are actually quite cringey and forced. Sadly, it’s not going to be a song I’ll be adding to my repeat playlist.

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