Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 38 – Yearning F: The Nine-Tailed White Fox!

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 38 Recap Review

Sueru is shocked that Ace appears to have inherited the powers of creation. But even if so, that power is not something he would be able to bend to his will because it is far more malicious than that.

Ace tries to fly up to save his mother from the chains. But Sueru blocks him and takes the goddess away. Ace is forced to fall and slam back down to Earth. Ziin tries to reach Ace, but he seems to get engulfed by a dark force.

Ace wakes up in a candle-lit space where he is met by a man wearing a kitsune mask.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 38 Recap Review

Meanwhile, Keiwa is surprised when his sister says she is ready to henshin. But she’s actually talking about her Henshin face mask. At night, he tucks her in and resolves to save all the eliminated peoples. He will not allow things to end in this way. Michinaga also resolves to keep going until he eliminates all the Riders.

Over in the temple, Niramu asks Sueru about the goddess successor. Samasu walks in with Tsumuri and Niramu is surprised that she knew about this all along. Samasu explains a Navigator was designed with Mitsume’s powers secretly infused within her. And those powers have finally bloomed.

Tsumuri asks what she means by that and Samasu tells her to rack through her memories. Tsumuri remembers when she prayed for Ace and he ended up resurrecting.

Sueru says Mitsume is no longer needed since they have Tsumuri. They’ve sourced this power straight from Mitsume. Tsumuri thinks it is awful that they exploited her sincere wishes for this.

Niramu questions the realism of them twisting Mitsume’s sincere love into a fictional tale of a Goddess and the fact that they’re forcing Tsumuri into that role today. Sueru scoffs at Niramu defying him. Niramu thinks there’s no point to a DGP built upon lies.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 38 Recap Review

As Niramu turns toward Sueru, Samasu shoots him. She says all entertainment is fabricated to some extent. She takes Niramu’s Driver and tells him she will take over in his place.

Tsumuri catches Niramu as he falls to his knees. Sueru laughs about Niramu putting his passion before professionalism and supposes this world has changed Niramu as well.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 38 Recap Review

Back in the dark space, the kitsune says the power Ace has will cause destruction that will save no one. Is destroying everything because of his hatred for the DGP for what they’ve done to his mother the ideal world he wants?

The kitsune gets in Ace’s face and says he’s lived for two thousand years, but has nothing to show for it. He’s neither saved, nor even spoken to his mother.

The kitsune asks Ace to tell him if the world he truly wishes for is destruction. Ace says he wants to destroy everything in order to remake it into an ideal world.

“Destruction and rebirth,” the kitsune says. He laughs that the son is repeating the sins of the Goddess.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 38 Recap Review

The kitsune removes his mask to reveal… Ace?!

Kitsunace tosses the mask to the floor and calls Ace a “foolish man.”

Ace wakes up and Ziin is happy to see him back in the real world. Ace says he still has someone he needs to see. Ziin understands and he wants the same for him as well. But Ace is running out of time.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 38 Recap Review

The remains of the Goddess are again being dangled from the sky.

Ace believes ideals can be made reality with a strong enough wish. He disappears into a bright space. Here, he finally meets his mother. They embrace.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 38 Recap Review

Meanwhile, Sueru henshins and asks the Goddess of Creation to begin the Grand End.

Mama Mitsume says she thought she told Ace to forget about her. But Ace says remembering those words are exactly the reason why he couldn’t. He didn’t want to, no matter how many times he died and was born again. Mama Mitsume realizes those prayers took form within him to allow him to recall those past memories.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 38 Recap Review

Ace and Mama Mitsume just wanted each other to be happy, but went about it in contrasting ways. She asks Ace to forgive her for burdening him with a terrible fate. Ace says this is not her fault, but she believes the tragedies that have happened because of her cannot be undone.

Just then, the Goddess remains begin to crack. Win looks up to see that it is finally happening. Kyuun begs Neon to remember she is a Kamen Rider, but her bodyguards hold him back. The bodyguards whisk Neon away as darkness continues to engulf Tokyo.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 38 Recap Review

Michinaga is angry that it is ending. His Driver disappears in his hand.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 38 Recap Review

Keiwa runs downtown and intends to henshin, but his Driver disappears as well.

Ace refuses to let her go. But Mama Mitsume tells Ace that the day he was born is the happiest moment of her and his father’s lives. She must atone for her sins now and urges Ace to live a life for his happiness. And that will be her happiness.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 38 Recap Review

Ace says he knows that she did not rob people of their happiness just to bring him into this world. She says knowing he was alive has brought her happiness as well even if they were apart. Ace says he knows he must use the life and powers his parents have given him to create a world where everyone can be happy.

Mama Mitsume tells her son that she loves him and she disappears as the statue shatters.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 38 Recap Review

Sueru declares the Grand End is complete.

Ace is on a rooftop. Niramu watches him from behind, saying he’s never met a man quite like him. He wishes he would be able to witness Ace’s reality that transcends time come to fruition.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 38 Recap Review

Niramu disappears before Ace can see him.

Ziin and Kyuun head to the temple to return to the future, both sad at how it has ended.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 38 Recap Review

Sueru bows, announcing the end of the DGP. But Ace appears and says the world is not over yet. Sueru wonders if he used the powers of creation to retain his Rider powers.

Ace says all the memories he has of this world are what will power him now. Ace henshins to GeatsIX.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 38 Recap Review

“My ideal world is mine to create with my own two hands,” Ace says. They take their battle to the ground.

Ace shushes the theme music as he delivers pulverizing blows to Sueru. He declares he is taking the world Sueru destroyed and making it anew.

Ace delivers a Boost IX Strike finisher. Before Sueru disappears, he grabs the Driver and leaves Ace with the question: Will his remade world be a utopia or a dystopia.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 38 Recap Review

The bell tolls and the DGP in this world is over, signaling the start of a new season in another time.

A new DGP rule is issued: Kamen Rider Geats has the ability to reforge the world using the powers of creation which he possesses.

Episode Thoughts

This was a very good episode. Definitely one that deserved the no opening credits. From the start, I really enjoyed the dramatic vibe of the episode. I loved the visuals of the dark space and of course the image of Ace and Kitsunace. I would’ve liked to have seen them go a bit longer actually.

The vibe of this episode is what I wished more of the season was like. When I think about what could’ve been with the rest of the season, it’s definitely a bit sad and disappointing. A lot of dropped balls and missed potential.

But anyway, like I’ve said the last couple of weeks, I’ll ignore the rocky road and instead just absorb things as they are happening now. Ace’s story, as we know now, is great. As is the idea of Michinaga wanting to eliminate the world of the thing that’s caused so much misery. And Keiwa and Neon’s stories which are also more personal and idealistic too. It’s just that the road to get here has been rough and even messy at times.

But unlike other seasons, Geats hasn’t completely annoyed me to the point that I don’t care about these people. I at least still like them, even if they can be bland or boring. So there’s just enough there for me to hang on to still at Episode 38. I am still able to be happy or satisfied when one of the core four gets a win or suddenly gets a burst of energy and emotion.

When I see the scene of Ace and his mother, it’s a great moment. I take it at face value, but again, how much more impactful if the journey to this point had been laid out better.

Oh well. I am, relatively speaking, enjoying what we’re seeing at the moment. And it’s actually fun and good for what it is now. Just take it and enjoy it. No need to reach for something more complicated at this point. We’ll see how the final stretch can maybe bring it all home for a good conclusion.

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  1. I will admit from the preview that I expected Mr. Fox Mask to be Ace’s Dad.
    Not sure if this episode has actually helped with my confusion over where things are going.

  2. Yeah! I know what you mean, I would’ve liked to have seen more mindfuck stuff with Ace and the Kitsune Ace lol

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