Filipino Friday, May 26, 2023 – “Gento” by SB19

Like there are “generations” in K-pop, so it seems as well in P-pop. And SB19 is arguably the group that helped usher in this current generation and era of Pilipino Pop Music. It has been wonderful seeing how much they’ve grown, both as artists and in popularity. And they themselves are ready to embark on their next chapter as well.

After some great solo projects, the group is back together preparing for their new release. And the first track from that effort is “Gento.”

The rousing, catchy track has anthemic vibes with its creative and free-flowing rhymes. You’ll easily find yourself singing along with the clever lyrics. And as always, the group has no problem exuding their confidence and charisma through their electric performance.

Definitely a great taste of what’s to come with SB19.

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