Music Monday, May 8, 2023 – Xikers, BTOB, XODIAC

Strong songs from Xikers, BTOB and XODIAC.

“Rockstar” by xikers

Xikers had a strong debut last month and they follow it up with a new music video for B-side track “Rockstar.” It is a great song that exemplifies that youthful confidence that Xikers definitely exudes in their performances so far. The encouraging, defiant lyrics are matched by the group’s energetic performance and strong rock-infused dance track.

Also a great treat for me as a toku fan recognizing many of the locations in Japan they filmed the music video in! hehe

“Wind and Wish” by BTOB

BTOB releases their latest album and title track of the same name “Wind and Wish.” The pop track blends both ballad and dance elements for a breezy (pun intended?) song and performance from the experienced group. The rest of the album with tracks co-written by members Hyunsik (hello #UltimateBias!) and Minhyuk are of similar vibes, though the funky “Moon Ride” is an energetic moodmaker as well.

“Calling” by XODIAC

Rookie group XODIAC make a strong impression with their debut. Pre-release track “Calling,” which was released last month, is an appealing pop dance track that serves as an excellent introduction to the group. The charismatic performance is infused with the group’s charms. And it is already a great showcase for them.

“Throw a Dice” by XODIAC

Debut title track “Throw a Dice,” however, really has them making a statement. The hip-hop-infused pop dance track and its striking music video really command attention for the group’s debut. And when together with “Calling,” it shows the group’s versatility and talent. Definitely lots of great potential for them with their future releases! A great debut!

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