Recap: Ohsama Sentai KingOhger, Episode 10 – The Legendary Shugoshin

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 10 Recap

Gira awakens from a dream as he is hanging in the Bugnarak tunnels. Desnarak demands he call on the Shugoshin in order to show how to overturn the world.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 10 Recap

Meanwhile, Shiokara, Sebastian and Kuroda are still unconscious. Yanma is frustrated that the medical kingdom can’t figure out how to help them. Himeno says they were strangled by large tentacles and Rita pops up to say it was the Desnarak. Kaguragi can’t believe they were all collateral damage from Gira getting kidnapped.

Racules connects with them through video call. With their alliance having ended, he proposes that they hand over all their authority to him in order to combat the cocoons that can no longer be destroyed through traditional means. If they agree, he will give favor to their kingdoms.

The other kings protest, but Racules says KingOhger cannot protect all five kingdoms and causalities will be inevitable. So they must set aside their personal feelings in order to protect their countries.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 10 Recap

Though things seem hopeless, Himeno mentions how Legend KingOhger saved mankind 2000 years ago through a miracle. Yanma thinks that’s just a fairy tale. But now that they have the Shugoshin, maybe Gira would be able to summon it. Rita says it is no use dreaming. But Himeno points out that without hopes and dreams, it is basically just giving up.

Kaguragi thinks the only way is to agree to Racules’ demands. But Yanma refuses to ever prostrate himself to Racules and tells the others to protect their kingdoms on their own.

The kings all go their separate ways, each with their own approaches to protect their kingdoms.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 10 Recap

Down in the tunnels, Gira still refuses Desnarak’s demands. Kamejim suggests they just kill Gira then. Desnarak has an idea.

The cocoons begin making their moves in each of the kingdoms. Himeno and Kaguragi begin evacuating their peoples. Yanma, however, is determined to protect his people no matter what. Shiokara, who has awakened, says his tough guy act is of no use when protecting his people.

Morfonia, along with the just awakened Shiokara, Sebastian and Kuroda all offer words of wisdom and assurance to their kings. Challenging their initial wavers and reminding them of who they are.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 10 Recap

Back at the tunnels, Desnarak offers up a preview of what a Bugnarak-decimated Chikyuu would look like. Gira, however, doesn’t believe that would ever happen knowing what he knows about the other kings. They will surely protect their peoples and their kingdoms.

Desnarak kicks Gira off of the cliff and he lands right where the other kings have just arrived. They henshin and battle Sanagims. They then turn their attention to Desnarak and they work together to deliver the biggest attacks on the Bugnarak leader.

Desnarak retreats and the cocoons burst open, revealing large -jims.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 10 Recap

The kings dehenshin and the Shugoshins appear. Gira says they have agreed to lend their power. And together, they might just be able to summon Legend KingOhger. But Gira suddenly feels insecure since he isn’t a king. The others point out that he’s always called himself a king, so why not feed into that ego now and convince the Shugoshins he is worthy.

Gira cackles and calls on the Shugoshins to lend him their power.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 10 Recap

Just like the fairy tale books described, the five Ohgers set aside their differences in order to come together and summon Legend KingOhger. They are able to combine into the miraculous mecha and they head into each kingdom to fight the Cocoonjims. The Ohgers do a roll call before finishing them off for good.

The people of the kingdoms cheer as everything is back to normal.

Racules claims credit for ending the threat and the other four kings let him do so. Gira, meanwhile, seems to have disappeared while the Bugnarak have remained in hiding in the tunnels.

But Desnarak and Kamejim are just about to set their plan to turn the world upside-down in motion.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 10 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Another interesting episode. It honestly felt like another teamwork episode, but done in the King-Ohger way like Episode 7 was somewhat. Again, the Ohgers have learned to work together. But even if they do, they will still do what is in their and their people’s best interest.

I’ve mentioned how I think that is a great dynamic to maintain. It leans into this Five Kingdoms set-up very well. And it gives the team a refreshing feel while not trying to quickly make the season “normal” or “traditional” in a sense with how they move forward.

Each episode so far has been great in how it moves the story along. Each one is consequential in the story and, when we’re lucky, also features great character moments for each king.

This episode again also did a nice job securing the relevance of the right hands into the story. It’s the familiar mentor stereotype character, x4! And those scenes were really good with how it highlighted each king’s base personality.

Gira, of course, remains the most mysterious. But that will of course take longer to develop. Especially with relation to his big brother.

Again wonderful to see the Bugnarak actually being proactive in making their moves and executing their plans. It really does give the story the needed amount of danger so far.

So overall, another interesting and strong episode that very much gives us a little bit more with the characters while moving the story forward at a solid pace.

Out of Studio Locations of the Week

Just the mountain this week.
Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 10 Recap

6 thoughts on “Recap: Ohsama Sentai KingOhger, Episode 10 – The Legendary Shugoshin

  1. I myself am very pleased with how this series is going so far. I think it has a very solid balance of humor and drama, and it’s quite refreshing how there hasn’t really been any filler so far. All of the main characters come across as diverse in their personalities and likeable in their own ways. I haven’t been this invested in a Sentai season since Kiramager. At the moment, I feel Gira and Rita are the two most interesting characters. What happened to Gira as a kid continues to be a compelling enigma, and Rita, I feel, is ripe for intriguing character growth and development. I’m also fond of how we have more than one villain faction so far. The actor playing Racules does a fantastic job of switching between his fake affable persona and his true petty and power-hungry personality. If I had to guess now, I’d say that Racules is going to end in a way similar to Nada from Ryusoulger or Scorpio from Kyuranger, where he sacrifices himself to save Gira in some way. Regarding the Bugnarak, I agree that Desnarak is a refreshing change from the usual Big Bad who normally sits on their ass until it’s time for the endgame (looking at you, Ginis from Zyuohger!). There’s also a sense of mystery behind the Bugnarak, and I have a feeling they may end up more complex than the average Sentai villain. All that plus the intriguing mystery of who was behind the assassination of Himeno’s parents and what their connection is to the Shugods. Overall, it’s just good stuff all around.

    Side note: As you can see by the preview for next episode, the sixth ranger’s going to be introduced and based on what’s been revealed about him and his role so far, I think he’s going to shake things up in an interesting way.

    1. Yeah, not having filler yet is wonderful. The story has continued to move forward every week with lots of interesting parts. So it’s been a great ride so far.

  2. I’m interested to see what Racules is all about. It seems like he has lots of secrets and not as simple as him being a power-hungry despot or something like that lol

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