Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 34 – Yearning II: Geats’ Aim of Attack

Ace points his blaster at Chirami, saying he is part of who made his mother suffer. Chirami says not to slander the DGP who, through the Goddess of Creation, has been able to grant humans’ deepest desires. But Ace says that wasn’t his mother’s desire, it was forced on her.

The two of them battle. But Michinaga says Ace is his man and delivers a finishing blow at Chirami who explodes. Michinaga asks how Ace was able to return to this world. Ace wants to know as well.

Suddenly, the hooded figure appears (with an invisible body) and begins applauding the scene. He would like to welcome them to the new game. Ziin is shocked when they suddenly disappear.

The hooded figure introduces himself as Sueru, the creator of the DGP. Ace considers him the Final Boss. Sueru tells them to keep their desires in their hearts as the new game, the Desire Royale, begins.

The one rule is whoever is the last one standing can decide the fate of this world; whether it is one where the DGP exists or one where the DGP never existed.

Sueru sends invitation boxes all over Tokyo with people, including Daichi, Michinaga, Neon and Ace picking one up.

Beroba watches the DR bumper explaining that once you are eliminated, you will no longer be able to henshin into a Kamen Rider. Thus, will forever lose your chance to your ideal world.

Kekera, in a human form, appears in front of Beroba. He was the one who picked up the Vision Driver after Chirami died. And he requests Beroba use it and her own Driver to revive Keiwa. In exchange, Kekera will treat her to some delicious misery.

Beroba says Kekera is a very naughty frog.

Meanwhile, Sara has a nightmare of Keiwa saying goodbye to her before he disappears. As she wakes up, she is shocked when Kekera, back in his statue form, begins speaking to her. Kekera introduces himself as Keiwa’s biggest fan and tells her to touch the Core ID in the box to get a quick recap of Geats so far.

Next morning, Sara wakes up to find Keiwa cooking breakfast. She runs over and hugs him, relieved that he is back. He thinks she’s acting weird, especially with the strange frog figurine on the table. Sara says she just picked it up at an old antique shop.

Upon hearing the garbage truck arriving outside, Keiwa rushes out to catch it with their trash. Sara reminds Kekera not to speak up lest Keiwa remember his past as a Kamen Rider. Kekera says he knows if Keiwa were to remember, he’d just hurry out to fight for world peace again.

Kekera says as long as Sara remembers her side of the deal, they’ll be fine.

Downtown, Neon meets with Kyuun to tell him about the DR invitation. He advises against her joining it since she would not have a chance to win anyway. He also believes this world does not have the genuine love she is looking for, it is in the future.

Neon says she is not ready to consider the future yet because even though she’d immediately drop the Kurama name, she doesn’t want to let down her fans. So she needs the DGP to remain so she can win and create a world where Kurama Neon is not a popular social media influencer.

Kyuun asks if she’d be okay with that, but Neon says she never existed in the first place.

On a rooftop, Tsumuri asks Ace how he was able to return. Ace isn’t sure, but suggests the Goddess’ power or the DGP management rigging the show. Or perhaps his “sister” Tsumuri prayed for his return.

Tsumuri says she doesn’t have such power and is only the Navigator. She did make a wish though since she is no longer sure what the DGP even stands for. She wonders if she’s merely hurt people through the DGP and she feels lost because of that.

Ace tells her that she should smile more since it suits her as his sister. Tsumuri reminds him that she is not his real sister.

She asks him if he will be joining the DR and he says of course. His wish will be for his mother to be happy and free. Tsumuri hopes it will come true.

Meanwhile, Sueru goes to the Goddess of Creation before declaring the Desire Royale has officially begun.

Lurking around the creek, Neon is shocked to see Sara has also joined the Desire Royale. Kekera promised to bring Keiwa back if Sara joined the DR. So since Keiwa was not invited this time, she will do her best in his place. But she can’t bring herself to fight Neon.

Daichi approaches and offers to fight both of them. He guesses that Sara is related to Keiwa. And he laughs when it is confirmed based on how she acts in response to learning Daichi had attempted to throw Keiwa under the bus.

Back home, Keiwa is scratching a lottery scratcher when Kekera suddenly pops up in front of him.

Neon and, for the first time, Sara henshin. They begin to battle Daichi as Kekera turns the TV on for Keiwa to watch.

Daichi easily forces Sara to dehenshin and Keiwa is shocked to see her on TV. Kekera tells Keiwa that Sara entered the game to ensure his happiness. Kekera points Keiwa to a strange new box and tells him to open it if he wants to save his sister.

Daichi knocks Neon down and heads over to finish Sara off for good to pay Keiwa’s debt to him. But Keiwa arrives just in time and henshins.

Beroba and Kekera watch Keiwa and Daichi battling from the Sakurai apartment. She asks Kekera what the point of having both siblings in the game is. Kekera believes humans have to hit rock-bottom before they can overhaul themselves. And Keiwa needs his sister in order to bring about that change in him. Beroba laughs with excitement.

Michinaga arrives and his mere presence scares Daichi off. He turns his attention to Keiwa and Neon, saying all they had to do was mind their own business. So now, he must kill them. But Ace swoops in to save the Sakurai Sibs and Neon before he can.

Michinaga says he can’t believe Ace feels some kind of connection to them. Ace says they did bond over soba. Michinaga doesn’t want to hear that. But Ace manages to whisk the others to safety, leaving Michinaga alone.

Back by the creek, Ace tends to his sister and thanks Ace for helping them. Before Ace leaves, Neon wants to know what he wished for this time. Ace says he wants a world without the DGP. Keiwa says the DGP can’t disappear before they save all the dead Riders. Neon also agrees that the DGP can’t cease to exist yet.

Ace says he never thought they’d side with the DGP. Keiwa says he hasn’t forgiven the Goddess of Creation and believes she must atone for every sin she has committed. Ace says his mother has done nothing wrong and he will prove it.

Episode Thoughts

It’s a sister episode! We have Keiwa and his sister. And Ace with his sister/mother/auntie/piece of his mother. Whatever it is. Lol

So first of all, there were two underwhelming moments for me this episode. First was the underwhelming reveal of Kekera and him being chummy with Beroba. And the other was Sara becoming a Rider which, sadly, was spoiled to me when it popped up online right before I watched the episode. Hmph.

With Kekera, I know there was a good chance that he wasn’t a Ziin or Kyuun-type of fanboy. Like, he more than likely would have some kind of negative or nefarious agenda. And so him being friendly with Beroba certainly doesn’t appear to be something on the up and up at least. But it wasn’t necessarily a surprise. The abrupt way they revealed it in this episode, however, really erased any kind of suspense or surprise from that part of the story.

Even though they haven’t revealed every detail about him yet, I was expecting much more regarding Kekera. At least with a reveal of this kind. Oh well.

With Sara, I always welcome existing characters becoming secondary Riders. And by that, I mean characters we’ve known and maybe already have a connection to. As opposed to introducing random characters in the middle of the season who have no relevance to the story that has already been laid out.

Having the Sakurai Sibs fighting alongside each other should offer up some fun moments. And even better when they end up the last two standing and have to fight each other! Right? Lol

What I do hope is that having both of them now involved in this way means that the show will touch on what happened to their parents. And hopefully make for some nice character moments with them, especially Keiwa.

I like the new conflict between Keiwa and Neon actually now wanting the DGP to continue while Ace finally has a reason to want it to end. It’s a nice dynamic and having it focused on ¾ of our main Riders really helps to make these new developments with the DR feel important and welcome.

(But #JusticeforMichinaga! Let him enjoy his win for an episode or two at least! Lol)

Still kinda iffy on Ace getting brought back so soon. This episode basically said “Ace is back and you don’t have to know how. Just go with it.” Meh. I wanted to learn more about Tsumuri and her connection to the Goddess of Creation. Which in turn could help provide insight into Ace’s return. But the show really glossed over all that just enough to reach the point where you accept that everything is going according to keikaku.

Fine, whatever. Anyway, this episode wasn’t an Ace focus. And really more of a Desire Royale set-up episode. Using the Sakurai Sibs helped to establish the emerging conflict between Keiwa/Neon and Ace regarding the DGP. Which is very welcome because as I’ve pointed out, Keiwa and Neon have kissed his ass a little too much. So now them focusing on their own goals is very refreshing.

For Ace, it’s finally great to see him actually taking small steps toward his endgame. But I need him to pick up the pace a little bit. Seeing him all conflicted and kinda lost lately is actually great to watch. So I hope to see more of that too. It’s the kind of character moments I wish we got from him sooner.

Overall, a solid episode. Again, another one of those reset episodes that kind of dumps all the needed pieces on the table in order to get the puzzle game going once again.

6 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 34 – Yearning II: Geats’ Aim of Attack

  1. Like my worry is that this doesn’t seem endgamey enough to be the endgame arc, but also if they actually follow through with the plot, what the fudge is next. Plus the consistent thing of micro arcs, and being 2 episodes into one when we haven’t had one go past 8.

    At least Keiwa is back, I guess.

    1. Yes, nice to see Keiwa back and I really am looking forward to seeing him and Neon clashing with Ace over the DGP. It’s definitely still early for the endgame. So we’ll see what’s next. Ace’s mother will probably factor into the endgaem.

  2. I’ve had feelings regarding this series similar to yours. I’ve mostly found it to be bland and directionless, with certain plot developments coming out of nowhere. Regarding the characters, Ace too often comes across as a boring, cocky Mr. Perfect whose background revelations don’t seem to have been properly developed or foreshadowed. Keiwa was interesting to me at first, as he pleasantly reminded me of how Kouta Kazuraba started out, but he’s just been very bland as a character and hasn’t really changed much from the naive guy he started as. I find Neon and Michinaga to be more interesting characters, particularly the latter in his desire to eradicate the DGP, which is run by clearly horrible people that think nothing of using past humans as tools for entertainment and are willing to grant even the most horrific wish to change the world. I’m surprised that the other main Riders, particularly Keiwa, didn’t come to the conclusion a long time ago that the people running the DGP were the real enemy.

    Some side notes regarding this episode: Very glad that Chirami is finally gone. He contributed nothing more other than being grating comic relief. Hope that Daichi is the next to go in the following new episode. He, similar to Chirami, contributes nothing to the story and comes off as irritating, unjustifiably smug, and punching above his weight class. I would’ve preferred that he had stayed eliminated from the DGP the first time around and instead brought back more entertaining/interesting Riders who had been eliminated, like Kanato or Morio.

    1. Yes, I share your feelings. I think for me the biggest problem is the way they didn’t really make Ace the title character he is in the first few months. I thought it would be refreshing, but now at Episode 34, I think it was a mistake. He’s not your typical title hero like, for example, Keiwa was being portrayed as at first. But at the same time, they needed to reveal more about him sooner. Especially since on paper, him wanting to find his mother is a solid story for him with relation to the DGP.

      I definitely agree about Michinaga. But every time they seem to be giving him a great moment, it gets taken away or diminished by something else.

      I’d like to see them thin out the cast too. That’s why I enjoyed some recent episodes more because they’ve been mostly focused on the main four rather than other irrelevant characters.

  3. It’s interesting because even with this new development, it still feels Keiwa and even Neon are the protagonists while Ace is like a supporting annoyance or something like that. Kind of like what Michinaga is supposed to be, but even he feels like the main character.

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