Music Monday, May 1, 2023 – WOODZ, EPEX, BLITZERS, Xdinary Heroes

Four great new tracks to start off the month with from WOODZ, EPEX, BLITZERS and Xdinary Heroes!

“Journey” by WOODZ

Cho Seungyoun has really released some incredible music as soloist WOODZ. He previewed this new album with the great pre-release track “Abyss” last month. But I don’t know that anyone would be prepared for the release of title track “Journey.” It is a stunning pop-rock ballad with WOODZ singing personal, emotional lyrics backed by a soaring melody and climaxing with the support of a chorus of vocals. All highlighting WOODZ’s own vocal performance that really has him delivering a passionate interpretation of the words he himself has written and composed for the track. One of my favorite of the year so far!

“Sunshower” by EPEX

EPEX is back as they continue their sweet Prelude of Love series with their latest title track “Sunshower” (여우가 시집가는 날). The upbeat pop-dance track is a bright and energetic song with the group singing of a bittersweet parting. EPEX has had one great album after another. And that definitely continues with Growing Pains.

“Macarena” by BLITZERS

BLITZERS have had a diverse set of releases so far. But every one always offers something different, yet equally attention-grabbing. Their latest is the playful and addicting “Macarena.” The Latin-infused hip-hop dance track will have you dancing along in no time. And the group effortlessly delivers the performance necessary for the lively track. The accompanying music video is also probably the most fun you’ll see so far this year!

“Freakin’ Bad” by Xdinary Heroes

Xdinary Heroes are back with another strong release. Title track “Freakin’ Bad” is another of the band’s now-signature sound; a rousing, defiant and charismatic performance. Xdinary Heroes has done a great job with expressing themselves through their music. And “Freakin’ Bad,” along with the rest of the tracks on the album Deadlock, have the bands’ passionate performance speak for itself. The kind of performance you just have to experience. Another great release from the talented band. Also check out the ballad “Good Enough” as well.

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