Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 32 – Lamentation F: The Last Judgment

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 32 Recap Review

Michinaga approaches Ace on the rooftop to inform him of his defeat of Keiwa. It’s just the two of them left, but Ace starts to walk away without saying a word. Michinaga grabs him by the collar. Ace asks why they must fight. Michinaga points out that you must fight to survive.

Archimedel suddenly reveals himself to them and says he will gain the Goddess’ powers. After tossing Michinaga aside, he focuses on Ace who is still reeling from the revelation about his mother. Ziin appears, not wanting to just stand by and watch the supposedly unbeatable Ace lose for the first time.

Ziin henshins and battles Archimedel. The Goddess announces the next judgement will take place tomorrow, so Archimedel retreats. He is confronted by Beroba and Daichi when he arrives.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 32 Recap Review

Beroba is upset that Archimedel touched her Micchi. He doesn’t care since he never considered Micchi an ally anyway. He then accuses Beroba of being a traitor since she cares more about the Riders. But Beroba reminds him that she is a sponsor of the Jyamato.

Archimedel says he is the only one who truly loves the Jyamato and tells Beroba to just go and enjoy her human suffering instead. He is resolved to fulfill the Jyamato wish one day.

In the audience room, Ziin tells Ace about his investigations while he’s been gone. The DGP was very different when it started. The DezaShin only won gold coins as a reward and players did not risk their lives. When Mitsume stopped being the Navigator, the rules suddenly changed into what the DGP is today with desires and dead players.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 32 Recap Review

The DGP became all about risking your life against Jyamato who had been made more dangerous. The audience responded well to the changes.

Ziin says if Ace wants to know how his mother became the Goddess, all he has to do is use the Vision Driver and ask her himself. Ziin gits Ace a Boost Buckle.

Later, Ace finds Niramu and asks to see his mother. Niramu says that is not allowed, but the only way is for Ace to retrieve the stolen Vision Driver. Niramu points out that Ace has not yet been defeated. How else would he have had his wishes granted.

As Ace leaves, Niramu gets called to meet with Papa Kurama who is waiting in the audience room. Papa Kurama wants Niramu to put a stop to Beroba who he feels has ruined his years of well-laid out plans. Niramu says Papa Kurama no longer has the world in the palm of his hand.

Niramu says once they retrieve the Vision Driver, the DGP will be leaving this world. Papa Kurama protests, but Niramu suggests they erase this world and the DGP from his memory completely. That way, Papa Kurama can live with Neon as his real daughter and show sincere love.

An angry Papa Kurama says he did not have Neon created for that reason. Niramu tells him to sit his ass down and watch the show then.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 32 Recap Review

Over in the Jyamato Gardens, Beroba finds Michinaga and tells him not to worry, she will be giving Archimedel a good spanking later.

Michinaga asks why she sponsored him even when he’s a Rider. Beroba says she liked his hatred for Kamen Riders. But Micchi knows she merely enjoys watching him suffer. Beroba laughs and does not deny that.

Beroba says she just wanted to give the loser a shot this time. And once Micchi is a happy winner, they will cut ties. Michinaga looks forward to the day.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 32 Recap Review

Later, Michinaga runs into Ace and tells him that none of this would be happening had Ace’s mother not warped this world as the Goddess. The DGP only exists because humans can never be content in their happiness. But the Goddess unfairly separated the world into winners and losers.

Ace refuses to believe it and says he will see the truth with his own eyes when he retrieves the Vision Driver.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 32 Recap Review

Ace and Michinaga henshin and have a fierce battle. Michinaga thinks he’s won when Ace is forced to dehenshin. But Ace has only pretended to lose in order to get the chance to grab the Vision Driver. Which he does.

Beroba laughs, wondering if Ace will actually play right into her hands.

Ace finds himself in front of the real Goddess, his supposed mother. He emotionally tells her how long he has been searching for her.

Just then, Niramu comes clapping into the space and demands Ace hand the Driver over. Ace asks why his mother is silent. Niramu says it’s because she became the Goddess.

Ace wants to know if she willingly became the Goddess and if she truly wanted a world where people and their happiness is sacrificed over and over again. Niramu says the reality of this world is how the Goddess planned it.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 32 Recap Review

Just then, a strange sound reverberates in the space from the Goddess. Beroba and Michinaga are also in the space. Ace asks the Goddess if she is crying and thinks that means she never wanted this kind of world. He believes the bosses at the DGP just made a tool out of his mother they could exploit.

Niramu henshins and says it is time for Ace to hand the Driver over. He tells Ace to forget his mother, but he also henshins.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 32 Recap Review

The Goddess of the Sky has begun today’s judgement proceedings as Ace struggles against Niramu in the middle of the city. Ziin watches and quickly tries to help Ace who has been thrown into a sky hole. Ziin tosses him a power-up.

Ace and Niramu are fighting within the crust of the sky holes. But Michinaga arrives and delivers a finisher at both of them inside the hole.

Suddenly, the people on the non-black circles in the city get dropped through the hole. Anyone on black is saved, including Sara. She and a little boy watch as the city begins to look a bit normal. Beroba asks Michinaga how it feels to win.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 32 Recap Review

Turns out Beroba had planned to have Ace and Niramu at each other’s throat ever since.

Beroba tells Micchi that this is the first day of the rest of his life. Micchi says he will end this absurd world and crush the DGP and all Kamen Riders. Ziin tries to stop them, but they leave to the Goddess.

Michinaga holds up his card to the Goddess to show what his desire is: To have the power to eliminate the Riders. Just then, the city seems to begin being remade. With some formerly-defeated characters now alive and ready once again. A hooded figure is at the temple and looks forward to the new tournament.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 32 Recap Review

Episode Thoughts

First of all, I apologize, I’m half-asleep right now. Partly because it’s late, partly because I guess I was actually a bit bored by the episode? I dunno. Lol

The episode wasn’t bad at all actually. It was a solid conclusion to this arc and a good climax to Michinaga’s story rather than have a resolution for Ace’s. Which, of course, will be saved for much later on.

Still, it’s a refreshing sight to see Ace lose, even if it’s not really in the same way as he’s won himself in the DGP. No matter. We will at least get to see Michinaga’s world play out now and hopefully it brings about some nice moments for him and the scars he has from the pent-up anger over his past.

Beroba was also her most interesting this episode than she has been her entire run. The episode made her look much more in control than she looked previously. So that offers a different dynamic moving forward. I would like to see more of her and Michinaga’s tension-filled relationship.

Meanwhile, like I mentioned in recent weeks, even though the 180 in Ace’s character is a bit sideeye-inducing, I am still enjoying see him in a more vulnerable state. It helps to flesh out his character, finally. I mean, it’s Episode 32, after all. It’s good to finally see big steps in his story. Which in turn plays into the season’s main plot thread as well.

Interesting crumbs from Papa Kurama. It’s good to see that there is still a lot left with the Kurama plot threads to play out. He is much more interesting in the bigger picture than Niramu or even Beroba and Co. I guess only because it has to do with Neon, one of our main secondary Riders. But also because I am still clamoring for more substance with Neon’s character too. So it’s great to see there’s potential there.

Nice to see Ziin back, but I would’ve liked to have seen more between him and Ace. Ziin’s investigative report was alright, but nothing too shocking and really just filling in the blanks so far, I think.

Also good that Archimedel is still lurking about. I honestly thought he’d get off’d this episode and I would’ve been annoyed because they haven’t even done 1/3 of what they can with him as a character yet. So we’ll see what kind of havoc he can produce coming up.

Overall, another solid episode. Which is a win in my book. Good momentum these last few weeks. Hope they can keep it up.

7 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 32 – Lamentation F: The Last Judgment

    1. Yes, I would’ve liked to have seen a lot what’s happened in the last few weeks much earlier instead.

      here’s how I map out where the characters are so far:
      Ace – Looking for answers about his mother. Found some finally after thousands of years of reincarnation and is absolutely shocked to the point that he is no longer the ace he has always been. Refreshing to have a main character with Mommy Issues instead of Daddy Issues this time lol
      Keiwa – Probably saving his big story moment for later in the season. Maybe something to do with his parents’ death?
      Neon – Identity crisis. Still questions about what her father truly wants for her existence.
      Michinaga – Trying to deal with the loss of best friend. Upset with the cruel, unjust world so taking matters into his own hands, but reckless with it. Has rivalry with Ace who has kept him from winning, but also because Ace has been really annoying and cocky lol

      Tsumuri – Hope she emerges as big player in the endgame. But probably either knows much more than she lets on. Or will be the DGP’s sole voice of reason.
      Ziin – Basically just an Ace fanboy
      Kyuun – Neon fanboy
      Kekera – Keiwa fanboy, but I expect him to play a much bigger role in the story. Probably has the most secrets left to reveal.
      Beroba – Michinaga fangirl
      Archimedel – Mid-30s General fodder
      Daichi – Early 40s General fodder
      Niramu – Mid 40s fodder/potential final boss mainly due to him being the evil TV producer who will do anything for ratings, even if means dead bodies
      Papa Kurama – See Neon above

      1. I get where everyone is, what I’m confused about it very much where this is going, and why is it only going now. Which feels like something I asked about Donbrothers also towards the end but Donbrothers at least had a varied, bright and vibrant cast you could almost assuredly get attached to at least a few of.

  1. Sure Michinaga does eventually win, but even if some’d enjoy that win over Ace, he has really good reasons of why he always loses to Ace, and it’s all on him. He’s stupidly stubborn (other than his recklessness that can get him eliminated, he also uses ranged weapon as a club, and he refuses others’ advice either way) and his loner and hostile traits will hold him back in DGP where cooperation is needed.

    I’d want if his shortcomings are acknowledged more by the fanbase (and not only targeting kind characters like Keiwa as weak for that explaining it is why he can’t win or such), instead of just complaining plot armor against him.

    1. Yes, like I mention above, Michinaga’s win is a refreshing thing. But his win is definitely different from Ace’s wins in that there were a few other factors that went into Micchi’s win other than his own skill, etc. But as they say, “A win is a win.” So hopefully his win will continue to move the story forward. For him as well as for Ace and the season as a whole.

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