Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger, Episode 7 – The Wrath of God

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 7 Recap

As Sasorin and Kuwagon snap at each other, Kogane and Boone drag Gira away, saying he is being “hella evil.” The people of Shugoddam are fully #TeamRacules as he vows to bring down the traitorous Gira. Later, Rita and Kaguragi head to the palace to speak with the king.

Yanma and Himeno are accompanied by their teams in order to figure out what’s wrong with their respective gods. Yanma and the N’Kosopians think it’s merely a bug in the bug system. Himeno and the Ishabaians believe it is a bug of the medical kind.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 7 Recap

So both decide to duel to find out whether technology or medicine will come out on top.

Down in the tunnels, Kamejim assures Desnarak that he has it all figured out as Gundajim steps forward as this week’s MOTW. Back in Shugoddam, the childrens hide Gira. But when the Bugnaraks begin attacking, he is eager to go out and help. Kogane and Boone order him to stop and let their benevolent king take care of it instead.

Rita and Kaguragi head out to battle the Bugnaraks.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 7 Recap

Meanwhile, Yanma and Himeno are hard at work while their peoples are arguing amongst themselves. Himeno says the uncouth N’Kosopians are getting the way. But Yanma asks why she has to be such a douchebag all the time.

Himeno responds by explaining her mama and papa, the best doctors ever, were killed 15 years ago by a hooded figure injecting them with the venom of God Scorpion. They had been in the middle of responding to a disaster when the murder happened. That’s why she is intent on analyzing Scorpion’s venom and then get her revenge.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 7 Recap

But Yanma says not to seek vengeance on the ShuGods. He points out that Himeno herself says that the wrath of God is the work of man. So responsibility for such things rests on the person in command.

Himeno tries to protest, but Yanma says she doesn’t know anything about his parents either. “Grieving a loss is a privilege,” Yanma says.

Suddenly, the Bugnarak approach them. So Himeno and Yanma henshin and take them on. While they are fighting, their peoples stop arguing and agree to instead collaborate on their work to figure out what is wrong with the Gods.

Gundajim embiggens himself and a couple of Sanagims in order to take God Kabuto. Gira defies his children and hurries out to find Sasorin. But God Scorpion just swats Gira away, forcing him to dehenshin.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 7 Recap

Himeno and Yanma approach him. Gira admits that the Gods don’t technically tell him much, but he understands that they don’t trust people.

Yanma tries to punch Gira, but Gira ducks out of the way. Yanma reminds Gira that he was going to get him if he stepped out of line. Gira was the one all gung-ho about acting as a team. So why is he acting on his own now. Even in an argument, you still lend a hand when there’s trouble and just resume arguing once it’s passed.

Gira is excited to hear Yanma wants to be a team. Himeno wants to be left out of this lovefest while Yanma realizes what he just said.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 7 Recap

Unbeknownst to them, the combined forces of the N’Kosopians and Ishabanians have restored their control over the Gods. (Though they keep it a secret from their bosses.) Gira and Yanma henshin and hop into KingOhger.

While they are fighting the embiggened Bugnaraks, Himeno approaches God Scorpion and decides to take command of it. She demands it show how much it hates humans. God Scorpion is about to stab Himeno with venom, but stops itself. Himeno realizes God Scorpion just wanted its friends back and was tired of being used for other people’s goals.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 7 Recap

Himeno apologizes and says she understands humans are disgusting, disgraceful things. Since they are in agreement, they should be friends. She says she won’t tell anyone and God Scorpion accepts the friendship. Himeno has a new name for God Scorpion: Scopy.

Gira also understands wanting to save friends. He asks for their help and Himeno and God Scorpion join KingOhger. The three spirits are now together and they are able to take care of the embiggened Sanagims and Gundajim.

Later, Gira assumes Yanma and Himeno will turn him in. But of course they don’t. He hurries back to the children’s center where he is shocked to find the kids are in the hands of Racules’ officers led by Rita who calls for Gira to attend a duel trial.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 7 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Another strong episode. A pseudo-teamwork episode since it was only the three instead of the whole team, which was a relief. And it’s not like Yanma and Himeno are locked arms yet either. But it was great to see their minions sort of defy their kings a little and work together instead. It’s a great way to do a teamwork episode without changing the dynamics of the Ohgers this early in the season.

Very interesting for them to point out that it’s humans that act evil, not the machines. It’s all up to the user. Machine bugs don’t kill people. People kill people. 👀

I think the way they were able to reveal what happened to Himeno’s parents was great. They didn’t have to drag Himeno wanting God Scorpion longer than they had to. And it helps to soften her character after an iffy introductory focus ep, tbh. Instead of continuing to push her “selfish” personality, we instead get more of her true self behind the façade. And that’s much better.

I also like her dynamic with Yanma. I don’t know if there’s romance on the horizon. But I think they are best matched for the kind of personalities they have. They clash the most out of the Ohgers, yet probably have more in common than they are willing to accept. So it will be nice to see their outward back and forth instead give way to them realizing they have much more in common. And their peoples working together without their knowledge is a great way to help that along.

Elsewhere, I don’t know why, but the kids are so annoying tbh. lol

Not annoying, however, are Rita and Kaguragi. I like their pairing as well because they are definitely the wild card kings. Obviously, they’ve made red-blue-yellow the core three again. So it makes sense, story-wise so far. But I like to see them do their own thing like how they were in this episode. I think they also relate to each other like how Himeno and Yanma do.

Overall, a pretty good episode. Moving things along quite nicely after the great five introductory episodes.

6 thoughts on “Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger, Episode 7 – The Wrath of God

  1. That reveal of Himeno’s backstory really intrigues me. So, there seems to be another faction at work trying to destroy the five kingdoms. That definitely isn’t Racles, because he was very much a teenager in Gira’s flashbacks of 10 years ago. And I highly doubt that it was a bugnarok, since, as far as we know of, they don’t have human forms. Really intriguing.

  2. Yeah, I Liked that we get more of Himeno’s backstory and that clearly there’s more going on than we know. Who was the Assassin and who is he working for?

    Also, I thought it was cute how Scorpion was embarrassed by Himeno asking if she likes Kabuto as more than just friends.

  3. Interesting reveals. I’d like to see more conflict to make things more interesting. Whether that;s between the kings or with other villain factions.

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