Filipino Friday, April 14, 2023 – A Strong, Exciting Debut for PLUUS

It’s really great to see P-pop continue to grow. Lots of recent comebacks and even new debuts. But one recent debut definitely commands attention. And that is the rookie group PLUUS.

PLUSS is from ShowBT, the same company that introduced the world to SB19. After four years of training, the group makes their debut with the triple title track release PLUUS +.Y.M.. And it is a strong, diverse release that immediately showcases the group’s all-around talent and versatility.

The first track “Amigo” is definitely a great introduction to the group. A high energy and charismatic pop-dance track where the members proudly exude their chemistry as a close-knit group while simultaneously inviting you to become their friend as well. You’ll definitely be humming the catchy chorus as you go about your day.

“My Time,” meanwhile, is a pop-dance track that has the group’s encouraging message speak to their resolve as artists as well as motivation for anyone listening. It’s a nice contrast to the charismatic “Amigo” as they allow their more charming selves to come out in this performance.

The last track of the single album “Cross My Heart” takes things a bit slower as the group expresses the bittersweet lyrics with a relatable and endearing feeling. The more dramatic performance of the song is another great contrast to the first two tracks. And again, that is in a way that immediately shows off the group’s versatility. At the same time, having a confidence in introducing who they are as artists while also hinting at their limitless potential.

Needless to say, this is a very strong and exciting debut. Releasing this single album and three music videos as their debut, it’s not hard to be immediately drawn to PLUUS. So I will definitely look forward to what they have in store in the future!

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