Thursday Tunes, April 13, 2023 – MOVNING and Han Seung Yun & Lee Sang Hoon

Two wonderfully emotional tracks from MOVNING and Han Seung Yun & Lee Sang Hoon.

“Fall of a Little Kingdom” by MOVNING

I was happy to discover MOVNING through YouTube two years ago. Their music is wonderfully comforting. And their latest “Fall of a Little Kingdom” is another that perfectly encapsulates what they have to offer. The beautifully emotional track is like a storybook unfolding in three minutes and 17 seconds. It’s easy to just be captivated by the journey you will have in this short time. But that’s what makes MOVNING’s music so great.

“Beyond the Time” by Han Seung Yun and Lee Sang Hoon

Another beautiful track this week is “Beyond the Time,” a song from the soundtrack to the film Invisible performed by Han Seung Yun and Lee Sang Hoon. Much to my surprise, Han Seung Yun is actually starring in the film! He has always been one of my favorite vocalists in Korean music. “Lovender” was such an amazing treat last year (and my favorite track of the year!). And now seeing him acting in a film is exciting! “Beyond the Time” certainly sets the tone for what the film about healing looks to be about. The emotional and nostalgic vibe of the track makes me believe this is definitely going to be a film I will enjoy (and probably cry through too hehe). But Seung Yun’s always wonderful vocals and harmoniously blending with Lee Sang Hoon makes for an excellent track.

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