Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger, Episode 4 – A Lord’s Hospitality

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 4 Recap

Yanma explains that God Kabuto is one of the three guardian spirits and it is commanded by Racules. But Toufu’s ruler Kaguragi is actually behind the wheel, unbeknownst to them. He shoots at King-Ohger, forcing the gods to separate and hurl Gira, Yanma and Himeno across the rural fields of Toufu.

Yanma takes in Toufu for the first time as Himeno is enjoying tea while being pulled along in a rickshaw by Sebastian. Himeno asks Yanma to continue explaining what God Kabuto is as she wants to have it for herself.

God Kabuto was part of the legendary King-Ohger which saved Chikyuu once before. But soon after, there was a split between the gods who would live with humanity and the three who grew to hate humanity and gave up on it. God Kabuto was one of them. Two years ago, Racules asked Yanma to help to rebuild Kabuto in order for him to force it to obey.

Yanma and Himeno, pulled by Sebastian, continue down the country road in order to find Gira.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 4 Recap

Gira wakes up to see Kuwagata seemingly saying bye bye to Kabuto as it flies away. But also beside him is Kaguragi sitting on a rock. He introduces himself as the leader of Toufu and Gira immediately tries to turn himself in. He specifically mentions that he hopes to take down Racules and rule the world.

Kaguragi begins to “cry” with happiness that Gira has shown up as their savior. Kaguragi says he will be an ally to Gira in his quest to overthrow the tyrant Racules.

Gira is a bit skeptical, but accompanies Kaguragi into the middle of the city where they receive a celebratory welcome. The townspeople all present the bounty of Toufu’s land as the country is regarded as Chikyuu’s kitchen.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 4 Recap

Gira notices a radish from a little boy’s basket. He says it has mud on it and has been pecked at by bugs. Gira takes a huge bite and says it must mean that the vegetable is a luxury. Kaguragi and the townspeople cheer Gira’s good eye.

Kaguragi proudly boasts of his country’s hardwork producing such delicious vegetables. Just then, a servant approaches Kaguragi with news that Bugnarak have appeared in Toufu. Gira is ready to go, but Kaguragi asks him to allow them to deal with this.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 4 Recap

Elsewhere in town, Yanma and Himeno are henshined and already fighting off Sanagims.

Desnarak and Kamejim appear and demand Kaguragi hand over God Kabuto. Kaguragi says he will absolutely do that… in a month or a year…

Kamejim summons Tamejim who begins laying waste to the farmlands of Toufu. A visibly shaken Kaguragi changes his tune and asks to meet tomorrow in the east hills for the official handover. Desnarak says he will lay waste to Toufu if he does not get Kabuto.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 4 Recap

Later, Kaguragi speaks with Racules via video call and promises to get the job done quickly. Racules says he entrusted God Kabuto to him because he believes in his capabilities.

Gira’s young friends overhear the conversation and stomp away after Racules waves at them.

After the call, Racules asks Douga if the judge is still investigating in the castle. Douga says the judge (Rita) has asked to check on Shugoddam’s records of the royal kitchen.

Over in the palace of Toufu, Kaguragi relays to the others that his negotiation with Racules went nowhere. He hopes they can help him, but Gira, Yanma and Himeno are all more interested in the delicious food of Toufu. An annoyed Kaguragi flips the chabudai and the food goes flying, though his servants are able to catch everything neatly.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 4 Recap

Gira, Yanma and Himeno are upset and protest, but Kaguragi says this is how they will lose Toufu. Kaguragi laments the idea of just handing over their nations and throwing away the future of their childrens.

When Kaguragi “cries” some more, Gira snaps to and Yanma and Himeno hop along. Kaguragi happily welcomes them as their saviors and allows them to finally eat.

Next day in the hills, Kaguragi hands Desnarak Toufu’s great treasure: a tomato. Kaguragi is resolved to remove the pests threatening his country’s harvest. He henshins and easily battles the Sanagims.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 4 Recap

The others pop out of the ground to help, especially against Tanijim. As the Kaijim is about to set more farmland on fire, God Kabuto flies in to shield the crops. The others believe it is Racules, but Gira says it is Kaguragi. No one but him would care to protect the farmlands from destruction.

Kaguragi drives Kabuto to attack Gira in Kuwagata. They are disappointed to hear Kaguragi kneels before Racules. But Kaguragi says he will do whatever it takes to protect his country.

Gira says hearing that makes him sick. Working with Racules will only lead to being used and manipulated by him. And a puppet won’t be able to protect anything.

Those words hit Kaguragi. But Gira adds that he has taken a liking to the king’s resolution of protecting even the smallest of lives in his country. So Gira would like Kaguragi to join them in the fight against Racules.

Gira has Kuwagata hug Kabuto, welcoming him as well and that changes the color of the Kabuto Soul. Gira initiates King-Ohger’s gattai with Kabuto joining the formation for the first time.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 4 Recap

Kaguragi says he is touched by Gira’s words and all together, they finish off Tanijim.

Back on the ground, Kaguragi is on his knees in apology. Himeno is about to banish him to the depths, but Gira says there is no need, especially since no one is hurt.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 4 Recap

Gira repeats that Kaguragi will join the team. Kaguragi happily takes Gira’s hand in his and stands.

A suspicious Yanma wonders why Kaguragi would choose that moment to bring out God Kabuto when there was plenty of time to hand Gira over to Racules. Himeno asks him to stop mumbling to himself.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 4 Recap

Yanma realizes that the failed negotiations with Racules were just a lie. Kaguragi was just using them to ensure Toufu’s safety.

Kaguragi asks Gira not to take this personally. He would cover his hands in mud in order to protect his people who are the lifeblood of his country. Kaguragi squeezes Gira’s hands, proclaiming that this is the way he rules.

Kaguragi turns the stage over to King Rita who is here to arrest Gira for the crime of invasion of Toufu.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 4 Recap

Episode Thoughts

An interesting episode. I think they did a better job of depicting this unconventional leader-type of deal with Kaguragi than with Himeno. This episode was pretty straightforward in the way they presented Kaguragi as someone who definitely cares for his peoples and will do anything that will ensure their safety and prosperity. And that includes working with a Racules, but also knowing how to jump at an opportunity.

The episode makes the current state of his character clear, while leaving of course the opening for future growth. Especially with regards to the rest of the team. Though Donbrothers certainly threw that typical Sentai element for a loop with the way they brought the team together (or not).

Like I mentioned maybe an episode or two ago, unlike Donbrothers, King-Ohger maybe has more room to tell this fractured team story. With the whole different kingdoms/countries idea, the series can play on the different cultures and sensibilities that will likely clash when coming together as a team. And that can open great potential for lots of engaging story.

I don’t know what direction the season is moving toward. But the potential and possibilities are there. And this episode did a good job of showing how they can tell those stories of tension and conflict without making the main characters irreparably opposed.

It’s nice to see So Kaku in a main character role. He was great as Love-chan, the tennis coach Humagear in Zero-One.

So far, I like Toufu the most out of the four kingdoms we’ve visited. If only because the rural setting has been used as a nice, nostalgic and humble foundation for emotional stories on Sentai and Kamen Rider. It was wonderful seeing the establishing shots of rural Japan. Though of course I wish they actually did film in those countryside farmlands. But it’s cost-prohibitive I guess for Toei who has been looking for ways to save money and maximize profits.

The real-life locations, especially Toei’s Kyoto studio park, are also very refreshing after the three weeks of CGI-heavy environments. So I enjoy actually seeing the characters in an actual, real-life space. As opposed to seeing scenes of actors moving out of sync with the inserted backgrounds and stuff like that.,

Nice action this episode. I especially enjoyed the editing in Yanma and Himeno’s battle with the Sanagims. And Kaguragi’s big battle toward the end was also fun with some nice tricks that suit his character and offer something new to the usual choreography as well.

Nice to see Gira’s friends back in Shugoddam and that little moment with Racules. It would be great to see them regularly involved in the story.

And finally, it will be interesting to see Rita’s focus next week as well as how the show will wrap up this introduction section of the season. Once the foundation is set after next week, I think we’ll get some nice insight into how the rest of the season will play out.

12 thoughts on “Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger, Episode 4 – A Lord’s Hospitality

  1. It’s a nice serialized feel. Maybe it’ll play out like Donbrothers in a way after they get these introductions out of the way.

  2. I have an interesting observation here. Sentai have always had hammy characters, more so in the previous two seasons. But King Ohger actually provides a different kind of hamminess for each of the four rangers, which actually fit their characters nicely.

    Gira’s hamminess comes from his desire to do bigger things than what he currently can, such as leading a revolt. Yanma’s comes from his strong confidence in his skills. Meanwhile, Himeno’s is mainly due to her sense of entitlement as queen. Now, Kaguragi’s is interesting. His hamminess masks his cunning and devious nature, in that it distracts you from his true plans.

    Hope they continue these character dynamics further into the season. It’s a really nice departure from the usual “get together, become friends, save the world” formula.

    1. Yes, that’s a good thing. I noticed Yanma also has the cool, confident exterior but also with tsundere potential, something like that. So especially with the idea of them being kings and leaders, having that outward persona they present to their peoples compared to who they might be away from the spotlight should be an interesting thing to look at this season.

    2. Given the way the personalities have been projected, I hope the theme might be more like Gira learning from each of them instead of some character development like stuff. Cause the personalities are so unique and contrasting with each other that it will be a very nice dynamic to see them clash with each other when they interact about an idea. Though I believe it’s too early to make an assumption given that we just still haven’t completed all characters introduction and interaction.

  3. Kaguragi just stole the show. Cause even though we knew he was lying with Gira and Co., we still couldn’t guess his endgame. Also the way he played with everyone including Racules and the Bugnarok was just awesome to say the least. Not many characters have been as manipulative as him so far. Thinking of Rita, given how her/their bio states that she/they believes immovable neutrality is justice, it might be possible that Rita’s gender is neutral like non binary or something like that. You know justice is neutral regarding gender, status, etc. Though I might just refer Rita as her cause I’m not good with pronouns. When your favourite character has an ambiguous gender, it really runs your brain cells to figure which gender it is , I think. Lol.

    1. Yes, I think King-Ohger has more freedom in exploring conflict within the team compared to Donbrothers which was much more lighthearted and amusing in that sense.

  4. Definitely enjoyed the eps.

    Plus, I liked how Kaguragi’s goofiness hid his true intentions but not his desire to protect his kingdom and people.

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