Music Monday Presents Filipino Friday, March 24, 2023 – “Dash” by HORI7ON

So I could write a whole other post about ABS-CBN’s Dream Maker and my confusion and expectations about the show, the winning group, etc.

But that’s partly for another time. On one hand because I still am a bit lost on what exactly ABS-CBN and MLD Entertainment want to do with the winning group. But also because I certainly don’t want to take anything away from HORI7ON as they head to Korea to prepare for their official debut. It’s a positive to have a group of young Filipinos potentially make their mark in K-pop and on the world stage. But I’m not sure what this all means for the growth and emergence of P-pop and all that.

Anyway! Again, I don’t want to take anything away from HORI7ON. Especially after watching the music video for their first song as a group. “Dash” is definitely a great introduction to the group for anyone like myself who did not watch the series. And it’s certainly going to be an exciting treat for fans who have followed their journey so far.

The seven members of the group are able to show an instant charm and charisma with their performance in the MV. The pop-dance track allows them to showcase their talents, so far. And I say “so far” as, at least from my understanding, they group will continue to undergo training as they head to Korea.

Getting the experience and knowledge from that K-pop training will definitely help them hone the raw talents they already have and have already shown here in “Dash.”

Now there’s the little question and skepticism about both the Filipino and Korean management team. But all I’ll do is to wish HORI7ON good luck and more power as they embark on the next steps in their journey. They’ve got the talent and charisma, here’s hoping the other pieces fall into place as well.

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