Music Monday, March 6, 2023 – OnlyOneOf, Park Woo Jin, J.UNA, HVLF

Fast or slow? Here’s four tracks that will suit the speed you want for this week’s fresh new music! Featuring OnlyOneOf, Park Woo Jin, J.UNA and HVLF.

“seOul drift” by OnlyOneOf

After their excellent undergrOund idOl series, OnlyOneOf makes their official comeback as a group with title track “seOul drift.” It is definitely a different sound from what the group has offered up so far. The rock-tinged hip-hop-infused dance track allows OnlyOneOf to deliver another confident and charismatic performance. And for fans of the three pairings in the group, don’t worry. The music video is able to further the universe for those couplings. All together, another dynamic and engaging release from the talented and envelope-pushing group.

“Top Tier” by Park Woo Jin

AB6IX’s Park Woo Jin makes his solo debut with the aptly titled “Top Tier.” Talk about confidence, Park Woo Jin definitely has that and more with the performance of this energetic track. It is a wonderful showcase for his solo talents. And being able to step into the spotlight on his own and be able to deliver a performance like this is really great.

“Stars” by J.UNA

It’s great to see and hear fresh music from talented soloist J.UNA. “Stars” is a wonderfully nostalgic track. His soft vocals perfectly capture the emotions of the lyrics. And the accompanying music video adds to the welcome sentimental feels.

“품” by HVLF

First of all, Happy 7th Anniversary to KNK!

And it’s great to have member Jihun as HVLF, releasing a fresh new track. “품” or “Arms” is a beautiful and emotional song. Jihun delivers another passionate and endearing performance expressing the song’s meaningful lyrics.

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