Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 25 – Lamentation I: Jyamato Grand Prix♡

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 25 Recap Review

The Jyamato Grand Prix has officially begun with its goal of Jyamatos replacing humans and finding their own happiness. And that can happen when the JyamaShin gets crowned in the end.

Ace meets with Ziin to discuss Beroba’s plans. Ace thinks the JGP is all for show since Beroba doesn’t have the power to remake the world. But Ziin says that is still her goal. Ace believes Beroba is just using the Jyamato to do the dirty work so she can keep the blood off her hands.

Beroba welcomes the hand-picked Jyamato players of the JGP by giving them bell chains and Buckles. She explains that they will earn points with higher value destruction (such as of human lives) worth more. When the Final Boss is killed, the top scorer at that time will be the JyamaShin. And that winner will be able to get the world of misery of their dreams. Archimedel cheers his precious Jyamato on.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 25 Recap Review

Michinaga points out that Beroba doesn’t have world changing powers. But she is sure he will get it for her by defeating the Final Boss Niramu and retrieving the Vision Driver.

Beroba asks if Michinaga likes the new outfit she picked out for him. He gets up to leave, but is approached by his best bro Toru who turns out to now be a Jyamato. Toru wants the two of them to team up and destroy Kamen Riders together.

Michinaga cannot believe this JyamatoToru seems so much like his best bro. Daichi comes up to say how fascinating it is that Jyamatos are so rapidly evolving that they are incorporating the dead players’ memories and knowledge now instead of just the faces.

Daichi says JyamatoToru will be exactly like Michinaga’s best bro in no time.

Michinaga asks why Daichi is not joining the JGP. But Daichi says as much as he’d love to, he is not a Jyamato. Unlike Michinaga who is halfway there.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 25 Recap Review

Back in Tokyo, a little boy holding a bouquet of flowers excitedly checks out the preparations for the Oni Bell Festival at the nearby shrine. The Kannushi tells the little boy that at tomorrow’s festival, if he can bravely take a bell from an Oni, he can have a wish granted. The little boy asks if his mom can come home if he gets a bell and the Kannushi assures him that she will.

Suddenly, the sound of bells emerge from the shadows and it turns out to be the JGP players coming to wreak havoc. Beroba squeals with excitement and can’t wait until the five pillars rise up to destroy Tokyo.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 25 Recap Review

Over at the DGP green room, Tsumuri comes to tell Ace, Keiwa and Neon that the Jyamato have showed up. Chirami says this isn’t the DGP, so them going out will not get them any closer to becoming the DezaShin. Keiwa doesn’t care as his only concern is to protect the peoples.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 25 Recap Review

Chirami feigns emotion and Tsumuri sideeyes him, pointing out that he loves the excitement of unexpected drama. Ace, Keiwa and Neon head out.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 25 Recap Review

They arrive just as a Jyamato steps on the bouquet of flowers the little boy had wanted to bring to his mother in the hospital. As they battle the Jyamato, Michinaga arrives and informs the three that they have been cast as the villains of this show. And each Kamen Rider kill is worth 10,000 points.

The battle rages on as both the DGP3 and the Jyamatos uphenshin with Boost Buckles. But this window of battle ends when the horn sounds, so the Jyamato retreat for now.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 25 Recap Review

As they dehenshin, Keiwa and Neon say Michinaga is crazy to be joining the JGP. “What’s it to you?!” he snaps back. Ace tells Keiwa and Neon to not waste their time since they all know Michinaga’s desire is to crush all Kamen Riders.

Michinaga says he will crush the DGP, but Ace refuses to allow that especially when they have their own desired worlds to obtain.

Michinaga leaves as Keiwa and Neon help the people clean up the mess at the shrine. Ziin arrives and says the world of the past is very exciting how one heart’s desire can make things so dramatic.

Ziin tells Ace that in the future, their worlds can be designed to whatever they desire. Their whole lives can be set out as soon as they are born. Even their lifespans are predetermined, so there is no mourning of the dead.

Ace thinks that is an absurd future.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 25 Recap Review

Meanwhile, Keiwa has to explain what a festival is to Kekera who thinks it sounds pretty fun. Keiwa is surprised that Kekera wouldn’t know about this stuff since he’s from the future. Kekera points out that Keiwa doesn’t know every single detail about ancient civilizations either.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 25 Recap Review

Downtown, Kyuun approaches Neon after two guys fanboy over her and quips that she just loves soaking up the attention. The two them trade barbs about worms and radish. But Kyuun gets the last dig in when he says Neon’s personality will keep her from ever finding genuine love.

Elsewhere, Papa Kurama is meeting with Niramu about Jyamato awareness growing too high. The world must be remade soon or this will become a major issue for them. Papa Kurama’s control over the government and police can only go so far.

Niramu says he knows this is the Jyamatos’ plan to draw him out. But if needed, he’ll just reset everything. Papa Kurama says he can’t just wash his hands of this world when Neon’s wish has not been granted yet. Niramu says Papa Kurama could just shower his daughter with sincere love then.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 25 Recap Review

“Our Goddess granted you the gift of a daughter, yet you still can’t?”

Papa Kurama takes offense to Niramu’s words. Niramu says he better just trust in their Kamen Riders then, including Neon’s happiness.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 25 Recap Review

Back at the shrine, Ace approaches the little boy who tells him about wanting to wish for his mother to come home from the hospital. Ace understands his feelings.

Nearby, Michinaga speaks with Toru and they reminisce about their days brawling in the streets. Toru still has the scar from those days and he uses that as a reminder and motivation to get their payback.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 25 Recap Review

Beroba comes to ask Michinaga how it feels to have his best bro back. But Michinaga tells her to just give him an item that can help him clear the game. She says she will prepare a nice side mission for him.

The second window of the JGP begins and the first pillar emerges in Tokyo. The Jyamato again target the Oni Bell Festival.

Ziin joins Ace when Michinaga and Toru attempt to outnumber him. The four of them henshin and battle. Michinaga gets a Boost Buckle after completing Beroba’s mission and has Ace lying on his back.

Kamen Rider Geats Episode 25 Recap Review

Episode Thoughts

*gasp* An episode of Geats I actually like! So strange! Lol

It was a pretty good episode. Especially relative to most of the season so far. For me though, I have to kinda set aside everything that’s been laid out on the table so far (or maybe lack thereof?) in order to actually just watch and enjoy the episode.

First off, I liked seeing much of the focus being on our four main characters. Seeing the four of them in that short face off was great and made me think of how much more I might be invested in the season if it really just focused on them the majority of the time.

With Ace, I most enjoyed his very short moment with the little boy as it gave much needed time to his own character’s development. Which of course relates to the search for his mother or the search for answers to his past, etc. Get past his kitsune-ness for now and just give us more tidbits about him and how he fits into the big picture other than simply being the season’s title character.

With Keiwa, any time he’s less of his aw shucks self is a more enjoyable time. So seeing him snap (relatively speaking) at Chirami was great.

With Neon, I would actually support her “love” endgame being Kyuun. Maybe in the beginning of the season, I was willing to hop on the Keiwa-Neon ship-train. But not anymore. I don’t know why I feel like that would be boring. But I think the developments in each of their characters and whatever we’ve gotten with the snail’s pace of the story kind of wiped away any potential for their characters to naturally connect more than they already have.

The back and forth scene between Neon and Kyuun I think showed much better new potential. And their dynamic opens up the possibility for not just romantic love since he knows more about her family life situation. Depending on what Papa Kurama’s secret is too, I think there can finally be some good story for Neon coming soon.

Thinking more about the fan/supporter-player relationships, I can see how they have actually helped to further each of the main characters’ stories more than what they’ve done for each other. That is, Ziin with Ace, Kekera with Keiwa, Kyuun with Neon and Beroba with Michinaga have done more to further the main four than they have done for each other.

So while I’m still meh on having a crowded canvas, the incremental movement for Ace, Keiwa, Neon and the bigger movement for Michinaga are welcome. I wouldn’t mind though a point where the fan/supporters have served their purpose and just disappear so the focus turns back to the four instead. Lol

Speaking of, I am liking Michinaga’s character trajectory. He definitely feels like the secondary angsty Rider we usually get. But there are times, like in this episode, where we get to see flickers of depth in his personality. He isn’t just going to be one-dimensional. And that’s a very hopeful sign.

I also quite like the new outfit Beroba forced on him. It suits his angsty vibe. Lol

And speaking of Game Masters, I can’t wait for Tsumuri to become Game Master or even just take over the entire DGP in the future. We know it’s gonna happen, yes? Hehe. I absolutely loved her sideeye of Chirami.

With the JGP though, I don’t know why it feels like it should only be a typical Kamen Rider two-episode arc. I don’t feel like it’s something that should last longer than that. I have no idea why. It’s fine that it sort of helps Ace, Keiwa and Neon be a unified front for now. Anything to get away from the repetitive feeling of the DGP seasons.

But at the same I don’t feel the danger or threat from the Jyamatos as I did early on. Like for example, the Jyamato garden and Archimedel used to feel so creepy and ominous. But now they all kind of feel like the goofy kind of villain faction. And it feels less exciting somehow. I dunno.

But anyway. WOW I actually cared enough to have a lot of Geats thoughts this week! That’s certainly a positive sign for me! 🤣 But it really was a pretty good and solid episode. Much more engaging than recent weeks for me.

8 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Geats, Episode 25 – Lamentation I: Jyamato Grand Prix♡

  1. So what counts as Keiwa snapping to you is him calling out scummy people’s BS. Totally nothing wrong with that, it’s part of being kind too.

    Though Chirami brought up about the rewards due to Neon suggesting to help people first too.

    1. Did I say there was anything wrong with him snapping at people? I WANT Keiwa to snap at people and be more assertive and speak his mind. What are you talking about?

  2. I’m kinda over this “win to fulfill your desired world” plot. I’d rather they just fight against the corrupt management megalomaniacs. That’s more exciting. They seriously could just drop the whole idea of the DGP and still have material they could work with for the next 25 episodes.

  3. I kinda hope that the Jayamoto Grand Prix or whatever goes to almost the end, or at least the consequences do. I would like to see an abreviated DGP with Keiwa beating Ace in score with just the ‘base’ buckles though.

    1. Well I certainly hope it does further the story a lot more.
      I would love to see Keiwa winning a DGP or Ace somehow getting humbled, but I don’t expect it to happen sadly.

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