Music Monday, February 27, 2023 – HELLO GLOOM, NOA WOODZ, Shaun and Jeff Satur

It’s still Monday somewhere! Hehe. Here’s four great tracks from four talented soloists. Featuring HELLO GLOOM, NOA, WOODZ, Shaun feat. Jeff Satur

“Dancing In The Dark” by HELLO GLOOM

As one-third of the founders of artist collective The Faker Club, Na Ungjae (formerly of IMFACT) has had a hand in some excellent music. And he returns for his own release as HELLO GLOOM with “Dancing in the Dark.” The synth-infused pop track has Ungjae’s soft vocals glide across a moody and atmospheric melody. A dynamic song that plays with your emotions, especially listening to the lyrics. The accompanying music video accentuates that feeling as well. And it’s just another example of the amazing work from The Faker Club’s talented founders.

“Purple Sky” by NOA

After a successful turn in the popular drama Kimi no Hana ni Naru and in the series’ fictional boy band 8LOOM, NOA returns with a new single “Purple Sky.” NOA has released some great tracks since his debut. And “Purple Sky” is no different. The dreamy pop track is a romantic and feel-good song. And it showcases NOA’s versatility as well if you listen to his other excellent releases too. (Which you definitely should!)

“Abyss” by WOODZ

Cho Seung-youn has released some incredible music as WOODZ. And his latest is his most personal track yet. “Abyss” is a beautiful and emotional song that he brings to life with a powerful and passionate performance. It’s simply a track you must experience yourself. And WOODZ pours his heart out with the sincere lyrics and affecting melody. As a pre-release track for his upcoming album, it certainly makes you anticipate what’s to come even more.

“Steal The Show” by SHAUN, Jeff Satur

Shaun and Jeff Satur collab on the mesmerizing “Steal The Show.” The dark atmosphere of the melody highlight the intimate lyrics. And Shaun and Jeff Satur’s vocals effortlessly blend together for what is a truly captivating performance.

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