Thursday Tunes, December 1, 2022 – P1Harmony, BoA, VERIVERY, Mill (OnlyOneOf)

Interesting, energetic tracks from P1Harmony, BoA, VERIVERY and OnlyOneOf’s Mill.

“Back Down” by P1Harmony

The youthful, defiant “Back Down” by P1Harmony is a fun and confident hip-hop dance track that fits perfectly in the group’s repertoire. It’s the kind of swagger and energy that the group has brought to life in their title tracks since debut. But even more so with their more recent releases. I especially love Theo and Keeho’s pre-chorus lines. And the chorus is definitely catchy too. The rest of the album Harmony : Set In includes a few more funky hip-hop dance tracks. But like their previous albums, my favorite track is probably the closer “Better Together,” a nice, midtempo pop track.

Check out P1Harmony and “Harmony : Set In” on Amazon Music:

“Tap Tap” by VERIVERY

So whenever I check out a new release, my first experience with a title track is usually with the music video. So when I started watching VERIVERY’s “Tap Tap,” I was really thrown off. I was really feeling what appeared to be an intro, but was then surprised by the abrupt shift in style as the song began. I initially thought the intro was just for the MV and that it was a completely different song. But no, “Tap Tap” really is one of those songs. The ones where they insist on smashing two or more different songs together into one. I’m actually a little disappointed as I prefer the chorus “song” more than the verses. And while it’s great to see the group in a bright concept, I wish I liked the song more. The other track on the single album “Motive” is also different as it is more of a hip-hop dance track. So overall, I’m not feeling VERIVERY’s latest.

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“Forgive Me” by BoA

Wonderful to have BoA back and releasing new music. And “Forgive Me” is a powerful performance from her. BoA has no problem hanging with the youngins as she effortlessly owns the proverbial stage with the rock-infused dance track. It’s a confidence that you can expect from the K-pop veteran and a comeback that commands attention.

Check out BoA and “Forgive Me – The 3rd Mini Album” on Amazon Music:

“beat” by Mill (OnlyOneOf)

OnlyOneOf’s Mill’s release for the group’s undergrOund idOl series is definitely different from the four so far. “beat” is an electronic hip-hop track that takes a more in your face, charismatic approach. And certainly, a showcase of Mill’s strengths as a soloist. It’s a great track and a great way to continue to show off the group’s many colors.

Check out Mill and “beat” on Amazon Music:

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