Recap: The Amazing Race 34, Episode 11 – “Stop talking to me please.”

Recap: The Amazing Race 34, Episode 11 – “How Am I Going to Survive This?”

The Amazing Race 34 Episode 11 Recap The Amazing Race 34 Episode 11 Recap

Teams fly to Iceland for the Penultimate Leg where they will be Racing through an Expedia-inspired adventure. The Final Four board helicopters to take them to a glacier, the Pit Start for today.

Opening the first clue at 1pm, Luis & Michelle and Aubrey & David must now climb the face of Sólheimajökull glacier. Once both team members have retrieved an Icelandic flag, they will get the next clue. Both teams finish the task before Derek & Claire and Emily & Molly begin the Leg at 1:15pm.

The Amazing Race 34 Episode 11 Recap The Amazing Race 34 Episode 11 Recap

Teams must now drive to Fljotshligarfoss.

Luis & Michelle are right behind Aubrey & David. But Luis & Michelle turn around so Aubrey & David follow them. They run into Derek & Claire going the other way, so Aubrey & David decide to follow them instead. Luis & Michelle also turn back around.

Derek & Claire arrive at the waterfalls first and open the next clue revealing the Road Block: Who’s feeling misty eyed? Derek must perform this Road Block in which they must complete a canyoning course where they must abseil and then navigate the waters through to the end. David and Luis decide to perform the Road Block.

The Amazing Race 34 Episode 11 Recap The Amazing Race 34 Episode 11 Recap

The twins arrive and Molly chooses to do the Road Block. Emily is feeling emotional as her legs are exhausted and in pain and she worries how today will turn out.

David is struggling a bit in the caves, allowing Luis to move past him. Molly is able to make up some time and catches David as they reach the end of the course.

After the Road Block, teams must now drive to Silfra Fissure in Thingvellir National Park. The clue waiting for teams here tells teams to dive into the fissure where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet. Underwater, teams must look for the names of 14 volcanoes and the years they erupted. They must memorize them and then match the names and dates in front of a volcanologist in order to receive the next clue. If they get any incorrect, they must swim the fissure again.

The Amazing Race 34 Episode 11 Recap The Amazing Race 34 Episode 11 Recap

All teams are now at the fissure. Luis & Michelle fail their first attempt and must go back. Derek & Claire give it a try and they get the thumbs up on their first try. They can now drive to the Pit Stop at Gullfoss Falls.

Emily & Molly and Aubrey & David arrive at the boards. And while they are working, Luis & Michelle arrive after their second swim. Luis & Michelle pass on their second attempt.

Aubrey & David get ten out of 14 incorrect. Emily & Molly only have two incorrect. Both teams head back for another swim. Emily & Molly are able to get in the water before Aubrey & David. And David once again has some trouble with the swimming.

The Amazing Race 34 Episode 11 Recap The Amazing Race 34 Episode 11 Recap

Over at the Pit Stop, Iceland actor Ólafur Ólafsson welcomes Derek & Claire as they claim first place and enough Expedia points for a trip to London. They and 2nd place Luis & Michelle claim their spots in the Final Leg.

Emily & Molly get to their board and are able to correct their mistakes. They get the thumbs up and can now hurry to the Pit Stop where they claim the final spot in the Race to the Finish Line.

After getting the thumbs down once again on their second attempt, Aubrey does not want David to have to struggle once again in the water so they decide to take the penalty. They get to the Mat after their two hours and Phil officially eliminates them.

The Amazing Race 34 Episode 11 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Wonderful to return to Iceland, but this was definitely a lackluster Leg, competition-wise.

It was a good start to the Leg. I think this is one Pit Start that shows how starting teams at specific locations in the destination city/area, rather than at the Pit Stop of the previous Leg will probably be the norm moving forward now. What a visually stunning place for a Pit Start.

Both the ice climb and the canyoning are fine tasks. Especially in Iceland and with this stunning terrain. But for a Penultimate Leg, they’re just tasks that helped further how Linear this Leg was.

The only opportunity for a team to get ahead or fall behind was at the final task with memorization. Makes this Leg actually more suited for an early Leg on the Race instead of a decisive Penultimate Leg.

But I’ll chalk it up to COVID-related limitations. Overall, a beautiful location. But meh Leg.

Team Thoughts

I think the right three teams made it to the Final Leg. Aubrey & David were an alright team that definitely did just enough in the early Legs to get themselves to a position where they could peak at just the right time.

I am definitely most rooting for Emily & Molly. They’ve been such a great and fun team to watch. Great personalities, a great story and strong Racers. Most of the time. Lol There were definitely Legs where they fell behind. Some of it was Emily’s leg. Other times it was the Leg (with a capital “L”) design. But they were able to overcome any hindrance like that to get themselves to the Final Leg. And I think the best outcome for this season would be a Twin Win!

Derek & Claire are probably the most consistent team, relatively speaking. They started off strong and then fell towards the middle of the pack. But never really were in danger. For all of Derek’s friendliness, I think Claire helped to reign him in. And for that, they make a good pair. They balance each other out well.

Luis & Michelle are definitely the team that has peaked at the right time. They stepped it up every Leg. Took advantage of the Leg design and tasks. And couple that with their skills, they are a strong contender to win it all.

I will be okay with any of the teams winning, but again, I’m most rooting for Emily & Molly!

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