Music Monday, November 7, 2022 – OWV, YOUNITE, BGYO

Music Monday… on a MONDAY?! What?! lol
But yes! Let’s take a trip around Asia with new tracks from YOUNITE, OWV and BGYO.

“Let Go” by OWV

Speaking of versatility, J-pop group OWV has definitely proven that with each of their releases. “Let Go” is a midtempo pop track that has the group’s strong vocals glide across the emotional lyrics. And you can definitely feel those lyrics thanks to OWV’s performance. The group delivers with every release. And “Let Go” is no different. A great track.

The other two tracks of the single album also show the group’s versatility with the dance track “Tararam” and the bright pop track “Gonna Getcha.”

Check out OWV and “Let Go” on Amazon Music:

“Bad Cupid” by YOUNITE

Rookie group YOUNITE comes back with a different sound and style from their first releases. “Bad Cupid” has the group with a less bright, but still youthful, though more charismatic vibe. The hip-hop dance track allows the group to show off a different side of themselves. And shows that they are very capable of much more. The rest of the album YOUNI-ON is solid. My favorite B-side track is the funky, synth-infused pop track “Pump Your Sneakers.”

Check out YOUNITE and “YOUNI-ON” on Amazon Music:

“Magnet” by BGYO


I’ve been kind of hot and cold with BGYO. They’re definitely a great, talented group. But other than maybe one or two songs from them, I haven’t really had their music on repeat. Might that change with their latest tracks? Actually, it’s another bit of hot and cold I think. Or maybe, hot and warm.

For “Magnet,” released a few weeks ago, I’m a bit warm on it. It’s an interesting song with a unique flow that definitely holds your attention throughout. It’s a good pop-dance track. I don’t know if I’ll add it to the playlist, but it’s certainly a song and performance that you can very much appreciate. There are some parts of the song that I actually love though, especially the chorus. And honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if I warm up even more to the song.

“PNGNP” is another story. And story it is. The sexy, romantic track has that perfect R&B vibe that has the guys singing the flirtatious lyrics to that special someone. It reminds me of “Kundiman,” one of the few tracks I truly love from the group. And it’s certainly a harana-ready track. Like the vowel-less title suggests, the track’s dreamy vibe is made possible by the group’s silky smooth vocals. Night drive worthy? Absolutely. Playlist worthy? I think so!

I’m looking forward to listening to the rest of their sophomore album Be Us. But so far, I like what I’m hearing from this talented group. (And if you couldn’t tell from above, JL is my BGYO bias. 😊)

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